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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Precision Irrigation

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To a farmer, every drop matters. Because of this, the irrigation decisions that farmers make – day in and day out – are extremely critical. One wrong move could mean over- or under-watering a crop, which may negatively impact the yield and the farmer’s bottom line. Every drop of water is an emotional tie to a farmer’s business, and that’s what Wikipedia can’t tell you about precision irrigation. Let’s dive a bit more into this thought.

33121_2972_rev.jpgBy the year 2050, the world will reach about nine billion people. Holy smokes – those are a lot of mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. Our farmers won’t be able to keep up without the use of precision irrigation tools like variable rate irrigation (VRI), which help regulate agricultural water use and grow more food with less H2O. Now, and in the near future, we as a global people will rely more on our farmers than ever before, so it is even more imperative that growers worldwide have the tools and resources they need to meet this high expectation.

The Changing Landscape of VRI

Earlier this year, we announced a new partnership with Trimble®, a premier provider of precision agriculture solutions, and our dealer network is now selling and supporting the Trimble Irrigate-IQTM solution for variable rate and uniform corner irrigation. In addition to the Valley VRI Speed Control and VRI Zone Control offerings you’ve heard about for years, the Irrigate-IQ solution is fully scalable to best suit the center pivot irrigation needs of farmers like you.

Irrigate-IQ is all about individual sprinkler control. This means that each nozzle on a center pivot can express a different amount of water. With Irrigate-IQ, a center pivot can now deliver water at the highest accuracy, and efficiency, to those precious crops that will feed and clothe us all for years to come.

33121_7526.jpgThe World in 2050

None of us have a magic crystal ball, but data does tell us that 2050 will be a critical year for humanity, and it will be a start to something new. Agriculture plays a huge part in our future, so now is the time to get on board with educating the world on how agriculture will essentially keep humanity running at a steady pace.

I urge you all to take the time to educate one person in your life on the importance of agriculture and precision irrigation. Tell them how our farmers not only need access to modern tools, like pivots and variable rate technologies, but also they need our support and understanding. If you know a farmer who will be one of many to help keep the world running in the year 2050, ask them to contact their local Valley dealer to see what modern tools could help them succeed in this critical task.

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