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What ‘Mr. Robot’ Can’t Teach You about a Center Pivot Smart Panel

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Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s that time of year when we get to have a bit of fun with a blog article. You may recall last year’s spooky post (“Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Farm during a Zombie Apocalypse”), which offered tips for ensuring that your farm and center pivot live on after most of the population has become undead.

This year, we’re taking a slightly different approach to our creepy post, something a bit more realistic and close to home for a lot of us: cyber security (oooooooh, spooky!). Of course, cyber security is a real thing and is generally not categorized as “spooky,” but this topic has been amazingly twisted in the show Mr. Robot, hence the eerie direction we can take this article to feed your Halloween reading needs!

To set the stage a bit more – especially for those of you out there who have no clue what a Mr. Robot is – here is a super high-level synopsis of the show (spoiler alert!). The main character is a genius in regard to Internet hacking and cyber security. Mr. Robot, like many humans, isn’t perfect and comes with a lot of excess baggage. For example, he has a multiple personality disorder, a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” type of thing. When he’s “Mr. Hyde,” he turns the world into dystopia with just one Internet hack.

So, yeah, that’s kind of spooky, and not really something we want to experience in real life. So, to help put your mind at ease, here are our top five things Mr. Robot can’t teach you about a center pivot smart panel.

1. You won’t see Christian Slater when you start up the control panel.

rami malek and christian slater in mr. robot

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All you will see is the notification that your center pivot has started up, and if you’re in the field or close to the machine, you may actually see it turn on! If you do see Christian Slater, you may want to get your eyes checked…or just start running.

2. You don’t need a corkboard and string to figure out how to use it.

using icon10 control panel

Unlike some FBI cases, using your smart panel is easy. No need to map out who did what, who was involved and where, and which two people were conspiring against person number three – all you need to do is walk up to the panel, use the intuitive touchscreen interface similar to your smartphone and other touch devices, and just use it! If you have the Valley® ICON10 and/or Valley ICON1, you can even use the Valley ICON® app to manage your operation directly from your smartphone or tablet. (If you do have concerns, Valley can help you with that; we offer several “quick tip” videos to answer your questions.)

3. You don’t need to host a LAN party to connect all of your center pivots.

LAN party

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No need to use a slew of PCs and connected hackers for this trick. All you need to do is call your local Valley dealer or a representative at AgSense® to help you get started with the built-in AgSense ICON Link. This treat comes ready to use in your Valley ICON® smart panel.

4. The Valley ICON center pivot smart panel only comes with one personality whose sole mission is to seamlessly control your irrigation operation.

valley icon smart panel

To circle back to #1 in this list (the Christian Slater reference), we would be surprised if you started to have conversations with an imaginary friend (or fiend) after investing in a smart panel for your center pivot irrigation operation. The only personality we know of – and can vouch for – focuses on controlling your irrigation system.

5. The Valley ICON smart panel is more secure than Evil Corp.

engineer at valmont

Here at Valley, we have a group of very talented, very smart engineers and IT folks who make sure your Valley ICON smart panel is as secure as it can get. We understand that your data is your property, and we would never do anything to compromise it.

If you already knew all of these fun facts about the Valley ICON smart panel series, I hope you at least had a good chuckle from reading this presentation!

Have a very happy – and safe – Halloween!

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