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The Valley Gearbox is the Best in the Industry. Period.

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Since 1974, Valley® has manufactured our industry-best gearbox in the USA. We rigorously inspect and test each Valley gearbox before it leaves our factory, giving you peace of mind that you have the most reliable gearbox available for your center pivot or linear machine. Our mission is to provide you with the most durable, longest-lasting irrigation equipment in the industry.

Other brands use Valley as the benchmark for long-lasting performance. Just recently, one of those brands stated that their imported gearbox was comparable to the industry-leading, made-in-the USA Valley gearbox. We take these claims seriously. Valley engineers performed head-to-head life cycle testing, and question their findings.

Typically, tests like the ones that measure the lifecycle and durability of center pivot wheel gearboxes are run until the unit being tested fails. This is necessary to make a comparable quantitative assessment and predict in-field life of the product. This other brand only measured performance until they heard some non-specific “growling” noise.

At Valley, we do not believe a test that measures only some qualitative level of noise is indicative of long-term performance.

gearbox-1The Valley gearbox is the best and most reliable in the industry.

Better Results Begin with Rigorous Life Cycle Testing

On a basic level, here is how Valley Irrigation tests its gearboxes versus others:

1) Run a gearbox break-in period, typical of conditions with a new machine.
2) Ramp up the load on the gearbox to a load that mimics extreme in-field conditions, representative of accelerated field testing. 
3) Run the accelerated field-testing condition test until the gearbox being tested fails.

Accelerated Gearbox Life Comparison

The accelerated life comparison test measures the life of a gearbox, simulating a center pivot operating in difficult conditions, such as in mud or steep slopes.

 gearbox2 Putting our gearbox and other products through the toughest tests helps us engineer them for real conditions they will withstand in your fields. 

Comparative testing of multiple samples of the other brand’s gearboxes showed that most did not live through the break-in or ramp-up portions of the testing. The other brand’s gearbox that lasted the longest only lasted 65% of the Valley gearbox average life.

Laboratory tests aside, the ultimate test is the years of engineering and use in real-life field situations. At Valley, we’re serious about quality; our products are rugged because we put them through tough tests.

Contact your local Valley dealer today to put the most durable gearbox in the industry to work in your fields.

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