Valmont: A Great Place to Work

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Written by Wayne Stratbucker |

My name is Wayne Stratbucker, and I’m the Valley® Social & Digital Marketing Intern for Valmont®. I grew up on a farm in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. My father is a farmer and my mother is a personal banker. Though my parents don’t irrigate often, my sisters and I grew up knowing what a center pivot is and what it’s used for.

I was familiar with Valmont, because my father worked there as a welder in his younger days before he took over the farm, and my uncle had just retired from a 40-year career at Valmont.

As my senior year of college approached, it was time to get an internship. My mentor emailed me about the position I now have, and I thought, “Yeah, Valmont would be cool.”

My previous knowledge and experience made me comfortable with the company – and with the industry. But I had some concerns about how a center pivot company that has been around since 1946 would be able to keep up with tech and if they truly needed a digital media intern. I’m here to tell you that my concern was completely unwarranted.

valley marketing team The team and I after our video shoot to show other teams across industries how we use technology to organize all of our tasks.

I work on a team with some of the most talented, tech-forward people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. From the moment I started at Valmont, I was given access to tools that most students only dream about. From industry standards like HubSpot to more diversified programs, such as Confluence and JIRA, we work with amazing tools that most marketers would only use at a boutique firm run by hipsters in the middle of downtown Chicago, in some renovated industrial loft. Not only is the technology the Valley marketing team uses amazing, but also the products offered by the Valley brand are just as tech forward. Valley center pivots start themselves and can tell you where you need to irrigate more or less; they’re essentially the farmhand you never had. Irrigation has never been easier, and I have never been more pleasantly surprised.

valmont computer lab Just like our products, Valmont employees utlize all of the major technology we can.

My favorite “makes Valmont great” attribute is the encouragement to learn more; the encouragement to advance yourself not only for the company’s benefit, but also for your own. As someone who spends his spare time performing marketing research for the University of Nebraska-Omaha, I can satisfy my drive to learn at Valmont, and am encouraged to do so.

I finally understand what it means to enjoy your job.

collaborating Our offices at Valmont are built to foster communication, but are always integrated with the latest tech to keep every team going.

Valmont is a company dedicated to the future. They see everything as an opportunity for everyone. This mentality flourishes throughout the company, from the business offices to the manufacturing floor. That aspect of Valmont puts them at the top year after year.

We as a company might not have a downtown loft office or be in the coolest city, but if you want to learn and work in a space that leads the pack in tech, then this global center pivot company based out of Valley, Nebraska, would be a great fit for you.

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