Valley is ... A Love Story

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Written by Lisa Dvorak |

Your farm is your life. You need strong, reliable partners to keep your operation running smoothly. We’re passionate about making your life easier, because you trust us to do just that. Growers are the backbone of what we do, and the reason why we do it. We strive to develop the newest center pivot technology to make it simpler and more precise when you irrigate. We’re constantly ensuring the quality of our products and services is the best in the industry.

Valley® is … strength in the field.

valley is - strength in the field - center pivots irrigate Valley® X-Tec® keeps your operation running full strength at any speed.

The Valley X-Tec center drive motor brings two great qualities together: speed and power. Perform high-speed irrigation cycles smoothly and consistently, even over the toughest terrains. When you have Valley FastPass technology coupled with our patented alignment technology and strong motor, you can apply irrigation lightly to cool crops, gain precision in chemigation and foliar applications, and deliver even greater application uniformity.

Valley is … second to none.

valley is - second to none - center pivots irrigater Valley center pivots and linears are the industry leaders in irrigation management.

When we began the process of developing our newest marketing campaign, we got back to basics. What is Valley about? What are our values? What are our strengths? How do growers like you see us? We heard responses like durability, the best dealers, technology leader, built to last, and number one irrigation company. If that’s how you view Valley, it’s time we make sure everyone else knows, too. As the saying goes, “It’s not bragging if it’s true.”

Valley is … smart irrigation.

valley icon1 smart panel for center pivots Valley ICON® smart panels give growers more control of their time, and time equals money.

The Valley ICON panels have paved a new path in irrigation technology. With four options of smart control panels to offer exactly what each grower needs, along with AgSense built in and ready to use, we’ve created the new standard in center pivot control technology. Growers are now in more control when they irrigate and have more time back to get more done.

Valley is … right there beside you.

valley is - right beside you - center pivots irrigate With a dealer network more than 500 strong around the world, unbeatable service is the Valley standard.

You see, this really is a love story. I'm sure you doubted the title at the start, but it's true. This is a love story about the products we design for you. You love your operation, and we have a passion to deliver exactly what you need. We know we didn’t become The Leader in Precision Irrigation® on our own. You, the hardworking farmers who put your trust in Valley every day, have backed us all the way. We’re working with you to improve, to innovate and to accomplish what others can’t.


Durable. Reliable. Built to last. This is Valley.

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