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Update Your Center Pivot Sprinklers to Perform as Good as New

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The durability and reliability of a Valley® center pivot irrigation machine has been field-proven and dependable for decades. Offering incredible value for years of operation, mechanized irrigation saves water, energy and labor, and provides precise applications for maximum crop yield and grade production. Mechanized irrigation offers many advantages over other irrigation system types. Perhaps the most underrated advantage of the center pivot platform is that it can be constantly upgraded and “re-tooled,” making it not only as well as Day 1, but potentially even better!


Now with irrigation management technology enhancements, there are extended functions possible, which add remote control functions, sensors and alerts, and new water application technology for improved uniformity, better water infiltration, and more precise application. With all of these great advancements, you might not know where to start in raising the level of performance in your water application package. Here is what we at Nelson® Irrigation recommends. 

Start at the Pivot Point or Water Source

Whether you utilize remote control and wireless irrigation management software today or not, adding a pivot control valve to a center pivot opens the door to the advanced irrigation management technology. Configured with a 4”, 6” or 8” control valve (depending on flowrate), electric on/off features, pressure reduction and rate-of-flow functions can be easily added for auto-start and slow-fill of the pivot (preventing water hammer).

Define Your Water Application Objectives

Sprinkler, nozzle and pressure regulator life typically dictate when to upgrade your sprinkler package; but, regardless of when that time comes, the opportunity for overall improvement to your existing package is there. Many times, the payback is immediate because of improvements observed in uniformity, enhancements to get water to the ground, or decreases in energy inputs. Other things to consider include: boombacks with part-circle sprinklers for dry wheel tracks, dual nozzle clips for ease of changing flowrates to match crop needs and well performance, sprinkler flushing and on/off control of the sprinkler heads.

Work with your Valley dealer to select a sprinkler package that is custom-tailored to you and your needs, and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Take advantage of new management tools offered in nozzle technology that allow innovative unplugging features with built-in on/off sprinkler control.


Look Beyond the Iron

End-of-system sprinkler technology coupled with precise end gun pivot control functions are changing the game of water application, offering low operating pressures and more precise water application. Secondary end guns can irrigate around obstacles and pick up acreage in the corner entrance and exit, allowing the end gun to really gain irrigable ground.

For more information about pivot point to end gun solutions, talk to your Valley dealer today.

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