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Tanner Oliphant
Precision Ag Spotlight: Let’s Start Looking at the Water!

More growers are using software to manage data collected from the field,...

Andrew Olson
5 Things You May Not Know About Your Irrigation Sprinklers

Ongoing design changes in center pivot irrigation sprinklers have made it...

Valley Irrigation
Chinese Connection: Valley Center Pivots Improve Agriculture in Rural China

Until recently, consumption of dairy products in China has been low compared...

Valley Irrigation
Pivots in Paraguay Lead to Increased Yields

The partnership of Vanilto Machado Mariani and Edison Hideo Miyazaki is an...

Andy Oerman
The Best Irrigation Equipment: Valley Brand Loyalty Explained

Since 2011, Ag Equipment Intelligence and Farm Equipment magazine have...

Ashley Anderson
3 Tools You Need to Manage Your Farm Effectively

As with many industries, technology has advanced the farming industry...

Lisa Dvorak
Irrigation Panel Discusses Precision Ag at NAMA Meeting

Everyone’s talking about it. While some people are living it, others are...

Troy Long
Introducing the Valley ICON5 Control Panel for Irrigation

Over the past two weeks, Growing the Conversation Blog has introduced you to...

John Campbell
Introducing Valley ICON and the ICON10 Control Panel for Irrigation.

Oh, how far we’ve come.

Almost 35 years ago, Valley® released the industry’s...

Rich Panowicz
12 Things Dad Didn’t Tell You about Buying a Center Pivot

There’s a good chance your dad taught you everything you know about farming...

Angela Knuth
Farm Management and Why it is Important to Utilize New Technology

Valley Irrigation reached out to Kerry and Angela Knuth of Knuth Farms,...

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