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Valley Irrigation
What ‘Mr. Robot’ Can’t Teach You about a Center Pivot Smart Panel

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s that time of year when we get to have a bit...

Valley Irrigation
Growers On A Quest To Increase Yields Through New Center Drive Motor

“How can we improve yield with the resources we have?” It’s an age-old...

Preston Parmley
A Retrospective: How Irrigation Monitoring Systems Can Help Your Farm

“Windshield time.” A haunting two-word phrase for any business, operation or...

John Campbell
See the Latest in Center Pivot Technology at the Valley Farm Show Booths

Fields are green and full, the days are already starting to get shorter, and...

Valley Irrigation
ICON1 Smart Panels for Irrigation Management Save Valuable Time, Money

Scott Everidge of Dooly County, Ga., is a second-generation farmer who works...

John Campbell
Don’t Hold Back Late Night Conversations with Irrigation Dealers

I love my job. I get to play with the latest technology and have great...

Valley Irrigation
Where Center Pivot Irrigation is Headed in the Next 5 Years

Matt Ondrejko, Valley® vice president global marketing, spoke with Agri...

Ashley Anderson
3 Tools You Need to Manage Your Farm Effectively

As with many industries, technology has advanced the farming industry...

Matt Ondrejko
A Grower's Guide to the Internet of Things for Irrigation

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more people adopt home and...

Valley Irrigation
Nebraska Grower Gains New Level of Control with Cutting-Edge Technology

In south central Nebraska water is plentiful and farms are everywhere you...

Blake Reid
The Secret Ingredient That Makes Valley Pivot Control Panels Different

Before becoming a Valley® irrigation dealer, I was a regular dirt farmer...

John Campbell
Introducing the Valley ICONX Control Panel for Irrigation

Throughout the month of January, Growing the Conversation has introduced you...

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