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Tanner Oliphant
Precision Ag Spotlight: Let’s Start Looking at the Water!

More growers are using software to manage data collected from the field,...

David Roberts
#AgTech and the Environment

It seems ironic that the word “technology” is used so casually it has become...

Valley Irrigation
In-Field Weather Stations: Accurate Data Makes All the Difference

Every farmer knows they can’t control the weather.

Trevor Mecham
The Past, Present and Future of Precision Agriculture

When I first started in precision agriculture, it seemed so complex:...

Valley Irrigation
Remote Irrigation Monitoring: Precision Ag Tech Brought to Your Back Forty

Being a grower is hard work – making your farm an “AgSense® Farm” helps...

Arlyn Bonen
Irrigation Pivots on the AgSense User Site: Organize, Control and Report

Installing AgSense® equipment will enable you to organize, control and run...

Matt Ondrejko
A New Year, New Start: Technology & Center Pivot Irrigation Products

Another new year has come, and it’s the right time for a fresh start. Now is...

John Campbell
Irrigation Management Technology Improves Efficiency of Family Farms

The USDA issued a report earlier this year (2017) tracing the increased size...

Craig Bell
The Future of Irrigation: How Smart Panels Became an Integral Part

Integrated technology is no longer an add-on feature for today’s growers....

Valley Irrigation
Data Leads to Smarter Center Pivot Irrigation

Information is one of the most powerful tools growers have in their arsenal...

Valley Irrigation
What the Tech? Advancing Irrigation with Smart Panels

Irrigation technology is present in every component of mechanized...

Valley Irrigation
Why the Valley ICONX Smart Panel is Practically a Genius

If you’re ready to start using smart technology on your Valley® center...

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