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Diann Ilkenhons
Upgrade Your Nozzle Knowledge (Choosing the Right Irrigation Sprinkler)

Not all sprinklers are created equal, and not all growers’ needs are the...

Andrew Olson
5 Ways Conserving Water with a Crop Irrigation System Can Save Money

They say money can’t buy happiness, but we know it can certainly buy energy!...

Jerry Gerdes
Today’s Irrigation Sprinklers Reflect Decades of Fine-Tuning

Sprinkler design has improved significantly since the early days of center...

Jerry Gerdes
The Evolution of Uniform Corner Irrigation

As you fly across the country (or anywhere in the world) and see the perfect...

Andrew Olson
5 Facts About Your Current Irrigation Sprinklers

After over seven years working as part of the Valley® Water Application...

5 Recommendations For An Effective End-of-Season Sprinkler Inspection

Checking your sprinkler package at the end of the season is key to ensuring...

Valley Irrigation
Washington Grower Achieves Minimal Runoff with Irrigation Sprinkler Choice

Kees Weyns may be young, but he definitely knows his way around the farm....

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