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The Evolution of Uniform Corner Irrigation

May 25, 2017 by Jerry Gerdes

As you fly across the country (or anywhere in the world) and see the perfect green circles covering the ground, it is easy to pick out the fields with center pivot irrigation. Looking closely, you may see a field that isn’t a perfect green circle, but is in fact almost square. This indicates a center pivot with a corner arm.

5 Facts About Your Current Irrigation Sprinklers

May 15, 2017 by Andrew Olson

Valley has around 500 Valley dealers globally. With this broad of a distribution network and customer base, it’s obvious that many factors, beyond just crop, soil and climate, affect the ever-so-complex irrigation sprinklers market. With all these options and so many factors, it’s not uncommon to see sprinkler packages that should be reconsidered and possibly upgraded. With that, here are five true facts about your current irrigation sprinklers.

5 Recommendations For An Effective End-of-Season Sprinkler Inspection

November 7, 2016 by Senninger

Checking your sprinkler package at the end of the season is key to ensuring you will be ready for next year. With all of the hard work that needs to be done and the matters that require your consideration during harvest, you might be tempted to put off the inspection of your farm’s irrigation equipment. However, this is a good time to detect potential issues such as leaks, plugged sprinklers or pressure regulators, wrong nozzle size, or damaged/worn-out sprinklers. These suggestions from Senninger give you a quick overview of the things you should consider.

Washington Grower Achieves Minimal Runoff with Irrigation Sprinkler Choice

October 12, 2016 by Valley Irrigation

Kees Weyns may be young, but he definitely knows his way around the farm. Now 38, he’s been farming since he was 14 and he definitely knows what kind of equipment he wants to use. His parents moved to the Othello, Wash., area in the 1960s and began farming his grandparents’ land. Today, Weyns, his parents and his brother grow potatoes, wheat, sweet corn, feed corn, onions and grapes.