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Aaron Caughey
Go with Flowmeters for Efficiency and Accurate Reporting

Growers are being asked to produce more while using fewer resources. ...

Chris Righter
ROI is Central to the X-Tec Center Drive

Every dollar counts in your business. But success isn’t measured by spending...

Andy Oerman
A Long and Winding Road: Irrigation Innovator Looks Back on His Career at Valley

Jake LaRue has traveled the world to consult on all aspects of irrigation,...

Andy Oerman
Making Hay: ICONX Smart Irrigation Control Panel Helps Canadian Grower

Like most growers around the world, Cale Hubka has a lot on his plate.

Preston Parmley
Expanding Your Irrigated Acres with Valley Corner Systems

As we begin 2019, we look forward to what the new year will bring, such as...

Chris Righter
Valley is... The Best Option to Irrigate Your Land

The predictable, reliable delivery of just the right amount of water, at...

Lisa Dvorak
Valley is ... A Love Story

Your farm is your life. You need strong, reliable partners to keep your...

Valley Irrigation
A Nod to Sod: Growing Football Fields with Center Pivots and Other Fun Facts

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we thought it would be fun to talk...

Use Pivot Control to Manage Potato Irrigation

Potatoes are a diverse crop. With them, you can make fries, vodka,...

Nic Carlson
How Long is Too Long? When to Replace Your Irrigation Products & Parts

How long is too long for your center pivot or linear machine to go without...

Chris Righter
“Must-Have” Crop Irrigation Equipment for 2018

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. Soon we will be overwhelmed with...

Preston Parmley
Extend the Life of Your Center Pivot with Valley PolySpan

With the growing season coming to a close, it's that time of year again...

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