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John Campbell
Leading the Way: The Future of Irrigation Control Technology

I’m going to start off with an assignment for you. It’s a quick one, I...

Kelly Downing
Rice Farming: Three Irrigation Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Crop

Rice is a critical food crop, representing the third-most acres planted...

Valley Irrigation
The True Value of a Valley Center Pivot Irrigation Machine

Valley® is built on five pillars called the Valley Values that are the...

Lisa Dvorak
Valley Irrigation Celebrates World Water Day!

Did you wake up excited for World Water Day today? Every year, World Water...

Chris Righter
A Center Pivot Irrigation Pep Talk: Are You Ready for Spring?

“Play ball!” Soon, that phrase will be echoing across fields in every corner...

Michelle Martin
Irrigation Technology and More: Top 5 Reasons to Work for an Ag Company

By definition, agriculture is, “the science or practice of farming,...

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