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Chris Righter
A Center Pivot Irrigation Pep Talk: Are You Ready for Spring?

“Play ball!” Soon, that phrase will be echoing across fields in every corner...

Valley Irrigation
Tips for a Successful Canola Crop with Center Pivot Irrigation

The canola crop is commonly grown to produce animal feed, vegetable oil, and...

Angela Knuth
Farm Management and Why it is Important to Utilize New Technology

Valley Irrigation reached out to Kerry and Angela Knuth of Knuth Farms,...

Ian Jolovich
Dairy Farm Management: How Can You Reduce Your Groundwater Impact?

It is often said that there are only two things in life that are certain –...

Kellie Gregorich
5 Life Hacks for Women Getting into Agriculture

Agriculture. It’s traditionally been a “boys’ club,” but many women today...

Valley Irrigation
4 Reasons Why 2016 Is A Great Time To Be A Farmer

Some may disagree with this statement, but 2016 is a great time to be a...

Angie Sommers
Feeding Farmers

Feeding Farmers. It’s not often you hear that phrase, it’s usually the other...

Fiona O'Flynn
5 Reasons Why I Love Working in Agriculture

My father is an Agricultural Contractor, so I grew up around farming and...

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