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One Center Pivot Control Option That No Other Brand Can Offer.

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Written by John Campbell |

For many growers, planting is already underway for the 2017 growing season. Soon enough the irrigation season will roll around and Valley® Irrigation has the one center pivot control option, that no one else can offer you. This may be the one control option that takes your irrigation season from good to great - Cruise Control.

ICON10-corn_blog-image.jpgValley Cruise Control is so innovative that we hold a patent on it. Cruise Control allows the user to set a time period for their pivot irrigation machine to travel a specified number of degrees. The panel adjusts the machine’s speed so that the center pivot will travel the specified number of degrees within the defined timeframe. As the pivot moves through your field, a number of factors can affect its actual speed. It can pick up speed down a slope or be slowed by slippage. Cruise Control measures progress and compares the actual distance traveled to the calculated distance and makes slight changes to the speed. How often the speed is verified and how much change in speed is allowed can be changed in your panel.

Cruise Control can be used to more precisely manage chemigation or fertigation, ensuring that you have a proper application rather than run out of chemical before, or have leftover chemical after, a full circle is completed.

Not only is Cruise Control an innovative feature that can help you better manage your irrigation this season, but it's also an extremely easy feature to use. So easy, we can explain how to set Cruise Control on a new Valley ICON10 smart panel in under a minute. Watch this quick tip video to see just how easy it is.



Setting your Cruise Control using BaseStation3TM is also easy. Check out this quick tip video to see for yourself.


Valley Cruise Control is available on a wide range of Valley control panels. Talk to your Valley dealer about implementing Cruise Control into your irrigation management this growing season.

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