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The Future of Irrigation: How Smart Panels Became an Integral Part

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Written by Craig Bell |

Integrated technology is no longer an add-on feature for today’s growers. Instead, it has become a standard part of irrigation machines and the overall agriculture industry. Gone are the days when growers had no other option than to travel out to their center pivot several times a day to start or adjust irrigation operations. With Valley® ICON® smart panels, growers can access their panels remotely using irrigation technology options, such as AgSense®, BaseStation3 or a direct WiFi connection. Soil moisture sensors, weather data and other components can all be integrated into a technology solution that allows growers to make smarter, more informed decisions. Valley ICON smart panels are a key piece of overall irrigation control technology from Valley that adds convenience and presents key irrigation data, allowing growers to save time and money.

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With Valley ICON smart panels, growers can easily connect with their irrigation equipment remotely without having to buy additional components. The AgSense ICON Link is factory installed on all Valley ICON smart panels, meaning it comes built in and ready to use. The AgSense ICON Link is an integrated telemetry solution that allows the Valley ICON panel to be remotely monitored or controlled through the AgSense web or mobile applications. The only thing a grower needs to do to activate the AgSense ICON Link is call his/her local Valley dealer and sign up for an AgSense subscription. BaseStation3 also allows growers to remotely monitor and control their Valley ICON panel with just a small change in hardware. Either solution reduces field time so that growers have more time to be productive elsewhere.

The ICON1 panel comes standard with Edge-of-Field WiFi, allowing growers to remain in their trucks while connecting to and viewing the panel’s interface; it also gives growers the power to control panels remotely. The ICON10 can also be equipped with Edge-of-Field WiFi so growers can save time, reduce wear and tear on their vehicles, and stay out of inclement weather.


The ICONX panel is in a class by itself. It allows growers to upgrade all major center pivot brand panels to a Valley ICON, providing all Valley ICON functionality and bringing the machine into the Valley network. The ICONX gives growers an additional tool to upgrade their existing center pivots, allowing for a connected farm operation that can be managed using AgSense or BaseStation3 control technology. Growers can monitor and control their center pivots from a single web or mobile interface.


Valley ICON panels are a key part of an overall, integrated irrigation control technology offering from Valley. Equipped with this control technology, growers can make smarter decisions based on irrigation data, while saving time that would have been spent traveling to and from the field. Today’s smart panels are truly an integral part of any center pivot.

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