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New in Irrigation Control: The Free Irrigation Management Tool You Need

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Written by Ashley Anderson |

Blake Reid is a long-time family farmer and today works for Reid Brothers Irrigation & Equipment, a Valley® dealership located in central Georgia. He knows what it takes to manage irrigation devices on the farm and tracking when each one runs.

run time blog - image 1.jpgBack in the day, Blake went to the local office supply store and bought the biggest calendar book he could find, then used it to notate when his irrigation devices should run. For each estimated irrigation cycle completion time, he had to conduct the calculations manually with pen and paper, between the sprinkler chart he kept in his pickup and the time the cycle had started. This calculation would allow him to estimate when he needed to come back to the field to shut the machine off or run it again. He noticed that his customers were doing this same thing and it was quite tasking.

Then, one of Blake’s customers asked him if there was any kind of irrigation management tool, not connected via telemetry, which could help growers to keep track of their running pivots. Blake knew he could create a spreadsheet that would make life easier, but then the grower would either have to run a computer with the spreadsheet in their truck or run back to their office to log the start time of every machine. “It would be so much easier if I could do it in an app on my phone,” thought Blake, which is what spurred the idea for him to improve his customers’ irrigation management. Together, with his input, Blake and the development capabilities of Valley Irrigation gave birth to a new product, providing the market with a new type of irrigation management.

The Valley Irrigation Run TimeTM mobile application is a new, free tool available for anyone to use. It provides pivot cycle calculation, run time logging and irrigation notes in a single location, using the full mobility of a smartphone or tablet.

Valley is committed to listening to the Voice of the Customer, providing products and services that improve irrigation control, operability and performance. Not all growers find value in a telemetry product like BaseStation3TM and AgSense®, and not all growers are as comfortable using an advanced technology solution. Therefore, Valley saw a need for a simple, out-of-the-box solution to log and track when pivots run.

If you can use a smartphone, you can use this app.

run-time-blog---image-2.jpgUse the Valley Irrigation Run Time app to manually enter pivot details, including a name, the start and end angles, the default direction the pivot travels, the brand and panel type, and the crop that’s growing in the field. In addition, you can set sprinkler chart constants for each pivot that will be used to adjust application when ran. With the swipe of a finger and a tap of a button, you can log a run for a pivot. The app will then calculate and provide the estimated cycle completion time for you and keep a history log of when and how the pivot ran.

The Valley Irrigation Run Time app allows you to:

  • Keep a list of all the pivots on the farm – no matter what brand
  • Calculate estimated run time for each of the running pivots
  • Track which pivots run in an irrigation cycle
  • Keep a log of when pivots last ran and any notes collected about the pivot or field
  • See, in real time, remaining run time of any given pivot

This new app is the latest tool for growers to use in their technology toolbox of products from Valley. It’s a great introduction to the Valley technology suite of products for irrigation management and precision agriculture.

The Valley Irrigation Run Time mobile app is available for FREE for anybody with a smart device, and it is available for download through iOS and Android app stores.

Download it today for iOS or Android.

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