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TEAM Irrigation On Converting To A Valley Irrigation Dealership

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Craig Chandler and Bob Johnson co-own TEAM Irrigation, based in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Established in 2003 as a competitor dealership, Craig and Bob spent over a decade establishing TEAM Irrigation’s credibility as a fantastic service provider to their customers. In 2015, Craig and Bob decided that it was time to make a major change for their business – they decided to convert their competitor dealership to a Valley® dealership.

one-of-TEAMs-locations.jpgThis was not an overnight decision for the TEAM partners. They spent a lot of time considering their options and weighing what was best for their business.

“The decision to move from the competitor to Valley after all that history with the competitor wasn't something we took lightly,” explains Craig. “It was a big change to the business, to our staff and our overall direction.”

The deliberation ultimately came down to support. Craig and Bob take a lot of pride in the kind of service and support they provide their customers; it’s the cornerstone of their business. Unfortunately, they didn’t feel as though they were receiving the kind of dealer support they deserved from the manufacturer. “Basically, we needed better dealer support. We weren't getting the support we needed,” says Craig. “Valley seemed to have a better handle on how they treated their dealers, and they back up their marketing; everything from their websites to their technical support of their dealers, all things that we weren't getting from the competitor.”

TEAM-building.jpgAfter they came to their decision to change to Valley, Craig and Bob had to find out how their growers would react. “That was probably our main hang up with leaving the competitor,” Craig explains. “We had so many clients, particularly in this area that we'd serviced for thirteen years, and we've been selling the competitor products.”

But, Craig and Bob’s fears didn’t last long. They got to experience firsthand what a commitment to honest service and support will get you. “I don't think we lost a single customer,” remembers Craig. “The growers all said to us, ‘No. We deal with TEAM Irrigation and this is where we'll stay.’”

Since changing over to a Valley dealership, Craig says that they are very happy with their decision. Not only are they getting the dealer support that they wanted, but they believe that Valley is helping them to tackle the major water conservation obstacles in their region. “Australia is the driest continent earth,” explains Craig. “A lot of conversion from flood irrigation to center pivot irrigation, because of reduced water allocations and water efficiency.” 

TEAM-truck.jpgLooking ahead, Craig is extremely optimistic about the future of TEAM Irrigation. They are planning to expand their staff and continue to improve their service and support all the time. The change from the competitor to Valley not only got TEAM Irrigation the dealer support that they needed, but also it showed them how valuable the trust between a grower and their center pivot dealer really is.

“It was a good reflection on how we've looked after our clients and what they thought of us,” says Craig. “It’s a great feeling knowing that farmers would stay with us because of the service we provided. Let us know we are doing something right.”

To learn more about TEAM Irrigation, visit their website at Or, click here to learn more about the commitment of Valley dealers.

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