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Span Cable Theft on the Rise...Again!

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Written by Julie Bushell |

Surprisingly, copper theft is occurring at record highs despite the metal’s volatility in today’s market. Utility companies around the country are now deploying the latest technologies in hopes of stopping thieves in their tracks. Ratepayers get stuck with the bill for damaged equipment, recovery cost and power outages. In California, Imperial Irrigation District is projecting a $1 million dollar repair cost to equipment that has been targeted by copper theft just this year alone.

Because metal commodities heavily influence my work in the agricultural industry, I am deeply involved in emerging technologies designed to curb irrigation cable theft and provide evidence for prosecution. I meet with power companies that have been fighting the copper theft battle; I attend shows with the latest technologies; I visit scrap metal dealers and am actively involved in the End Copper Theft™ campaign.

Whether it’s offering Proof Positive® cable, a bright yellow span cable with TraceID codes, starring in TV shows with yours truly to raise awareness of the copper theft epidemic or joining the campaign to push for ‘no burn’ legislation, irrigation companies have done their part to help End Copper Theft. I can personally attest to the dedication, dollars and decisions made to protect growers’ irrigation investment.

It is only a matter of time before we see the copper theft epidemic try to spread into the agricultural market once again. I urge you to take advantage of the product offering and guard your irrigation equipment and most importantly, your crop, against thieves.

It won’t take long for them to realize that yellow stuff works.

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