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Remote Monitoring Data: Let’s Start Looking At the Water

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Written by Tanner Oliphant |

It is becoming more and more common to see growers use some sort of software to help better manage data they collect from their fields. Using this kind of solution, the data can be analyzed and used to make more informed, more efficient and smarter decisions, which in turn can tell the farmer his decisions are having a positive effect on his yields. Water is one of the least tracked and reported data points analyzed when looking at yields. Because of this, it is an impact on crop production that is one of the most important, but can also be yield limiting if not tracked well.

Most growers keep track of the hybrids they plant, plant population, fertilizer inputs and collected yield data. So, why are growers not adding the “as-applied water data” into the equation when evaluating what is working and what is not when it comes to precision ag?

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The challenge: water is hard to accurately track. Since well capacities may vary with center pivot irrigation, and rainfall amounts typically vary from field to field, it can be time consuming to log and track accurate runtime hours and/or collect data from flowmeters. If this data is collected, it is hard to get it into a format to utilize well.

AgSense® has simplified the process of collecting water data applied through irrigation, and from rainfall; with the click of a button, growers can accurately pull as-applied irrigation and rainfall reports. All of the AgSense remote monitoring solutions for center pivot telemetry and pump control products track every inch of water applied via irrigation. This feature comes built in and ready to use with all new Valley® ICON® center pivot panels, which come factory-installed with AgSense remote monitoring. In addition to tracking the application rates via irrigation, all AgSense-connected remote monitoring products are also compatible with a digital rain bucket.

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With use of an AgSense remote monitoring solution, a grower can keep track of various water data by selected date range: total acre-inches applied throughout the entire field, total gallons pumped and total hours the pump was on/off. With the addition of a digital rain bucket, the AgSense grower may also review the past 12 hours, 24 hours or year-to-date rainfall amounts the field has received without ever having to go to the field.

When saved as a data layer, this valuable information overlays other input layers so that the grower may evaluate yield data at the end of the season or share it automatically with his favorite data collection software via the AgSense API.

Regardless if you need to report water data for allocations, track it to improve yield data analysis, or just see what your water inputs are year-to-year, AgSense puts collecting water data at the fingertips of the grower and makes it easily and accurately available to the grower on-demand.

Contact your local Valley dealer to learn more about how easy it can be to start tracking water on your farm using AgSense, as well as learn about the many other great AgSense features that can make your operation more efficient and profitable.

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