Remote Irrigation Management, Copper Theft Protection

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Sometimes as the weather gets colder, thieves get bolder. Copper theft is an ongoing problem, but robbers are being caught in the act, thanks to AgSense®, a smart irrigation solution from Valley®.

In a recent case, a grower got a text alert from AgSense that was cause for concern during the night. Upon driving to his field, he saw a suspicious vehicle parked near his center pivot. The cautious grower was able to take a picture of the suspect’s license plates. The license plates, along with other evidence, led the sheriff to make an arrest. 

"Because pivots are typically in remote locations, they are an inviting target for copper thieves," said Steve Sveum, Director of International Sales – Irrigation for Valmont Industries. "It can take thieves less than 20 minutes to gather thousands of feet of copper wire, which can cost the producer over $10,000. These growers work hard for their money, and we're committed to protecting their investment."


Valley Smart Irrigation Solutions Cancel Copper Theft

Even though many center pivots are isolated, you can monitor them from anywhere you are and ensure their safety. You can’t personally guard your machines all the time, but you can take control of your security with AgSense and ICON® Link.

Valley Field Commander® allows growers to monitor and control their pivot systems while also providing theft protection, all from one unit.

Field Commander provides theft-monitoring capabilities even when the pivot is not powered, making it ideal during power outages and the off-season. Theft monitoring comes standard with Field Commander and ICON Link, and can be purchased and installed separately on CommanderVP®.

Protect your investment today by adding Valley ICON panels with ICON Link to your pivots! Contact your local Valley dealer for more information.

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