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Recipe for a Plentiful Harvest: Skilled Growers & Precision Irrigation

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

This Thanksgiving, as we gather with family and friends to indulge ourselves in fun, football and feasting, at Valley® Irrigation, we believe everyone should look at all that food on the table and give thanks for the farmers who worked so hard to grow it.

center pivot precision irrigation farmer with carrots

Valley wouldn’t exist without our amazing growers. You are our reason for existence, and we are fortunate to have a close connection to you. We enjoy providing you with reliable center pivots and precision irrigation technology to make your farming more productive and efficient.

It all starts with you!

How often do most people think about where their food comes from? As we gaze at that green bean casserole, help ourselves to some corn, smack our lips over sweet potatoes, and of course gobble up the turkey and pumpkin pie, we are grateful for all the growers like you who make it possible, and we encourage our families and friends to do the same.

After all, food doesn’t just appear magically in grocery stores. Stocking those shelves with so much quality food isn’t easy. These days, growers need to know about everything from precision irrigation technology for controlling center pivots to soil quality, tractors, combines and seed varieties. You have to adjust to rain, drought, heat, cold and everything in between.

Fortunately, growers are smart, always finding new ways to make the most of every acre. By taking advantage of long-lasting Valley center pivots and sophisticated technology for precision irrigation, growers can improve margins, increase efficiency and maximize yields to feed a growing world.

Need more?

It’s easy for us to come up with reasons to be thankful for growers, but sometimes it’s good for you to hear it, too. So, here’s your Thanksgiving pat on the back, with just a few more reasons we think everyone should be thankful for farmers like you:

  • We love the food you produce – growers have a hand in everything we eat and almost everything we drink
  • We also love all the other things your products help make – from crayons to fuel, from clothing to real and artificial turf
  • Growers have an incredible work ethic and you never truly get away from your job, because you care deeply about what you do
  • Only 2% of the U.S. population farms, making you even harder to replace
  • Growers are honest and humble
  • Farmers help each other
  • You define the term “jack of all trades”
  • Thankfully, farmers have taken calculated risks throughout history
  • You tame untamable land
  • You are the ultimate stewards of our land and resources
  • You literally feed and clothe the world
  • Growers are entrepreneurs
  • You keep our land working for us
  • Farming is one of the most honorable professions in the world
  • You raise your children to be solid citizens
  • Growers are tenacious - giving up isn’t an option
  • Not only do you feed our families, but also our livestock and our pets
  • Farmers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty – in fact, you love it!
  • Farmers are great employers
  • Your fields provide wide open spaces
  • Farmhouses are a valued part of our American landscape
  • Did we mention how much we appreciate all that food on our tables this Thanksgiving?

And, this is exactly why we salute and give thanks to our farmers!

farmer with center pivot precision irrigation machine

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