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Jesse Starita
TAPS: Efficient Use of Irrigation and Other Economical Farming Activities

A new competition is being played in fields across Nebraska where growers..

Preston Parmley
The Value of Genuine Valley Center Pivot Irrigation Parts

As a grower in today’s markets, you want to be sure that every dollar spent..

Valley Irrigation
Alabama Farmer Takes Big Steps to Ensure Long-term Irrigation Supply

Even the smartest, most forward-thinking farmers occasionally need to call..

Kelly Cox
The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Smart Irrigation Month: Part 1

Did you know that every July is Smart Irrigation Month? It so is! Organized..

Valley Irrigation
Family Farm Makes Their Own History With Irrigation Pump Control

From planting the seeds to harvesting the yield, the relatively short..

Valley Irrigation
ICON1 Smart Panels for Irrigation Management Save Valuable Time, Money

Scott Everidge of Dooly County, Ga., is a second-generation farmer who works..

Senniger Irrigation
Close Spacing: Water-Efficient Precision Irrigation Method can Reduce Costs and Increase Yields

Close spacing combines low-pressure precision irrigation bubbler heads made..

Kelly Cox
6 Precision Irrigation Things You Didn’t Know Twitter Can Teach You

The internet is full of interesting information; some is factual, some is..

Valley Irrigation
Valley VRI Takes Center Pivot Precision Irrigation to the Next Level

Precise water application, water savings and, of course, increased yields..

Valley Irrigation
The True Value of a Valley Center Pivot Irrigation Machine

Valley® is built on five pillars called the Valley Values that are the..

Glenn Waterland
Effectively Irrigating a Corner Area with Irrigation Technology

The key to higher quality crops comes down to uniformity, and that means..

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