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Preston Parmley
Center Pivots on the Other Side of the World

Less than a year ago, if you had asked me to think of a “textbook” picture...

Valley Irrigation
A River Ran Through It: (Changing Water Routes, Pump Irrigation and Center Pivots)

In the shadow of the Three Sisters Mountains near Sisters, OR, sits Pine...

Steve Sveum
AgSense – For Farmers, From Farmers

AgSense® was established in 2003 by a couple of irrigating farmers looking...

Diann Ilkenhons
Upgrade Your Nozzle Knowledge (Choosing the Right Irrigation Sprinkler)

Not all sprinklers are created equal, and not all growers’ needs are the...

Chris Righter
X-Tec: More than Just Fast Irrigation (Seeing is Believing)

The Valley® X-Tec® center drive motor is impressing growers at agricultural...

Ashley Anderson
A Mobile App For Irrigators Who Don’t Use Mobile Apps Yet (Try It, You’ll Like It!)

No, it’s not a new fitness app brought to you by Valley to track how fast...

Valley Irrigation
A Lifetime in Center Pivot Irrigation (50+ Years with Valley)

Technology is everywhere. And the rate of technological advancement is...

David Roberts
4 Solid Reasons to Consider Remote Irrigation Monitoring

Let’s face it. There are reasons that only a few of us still ride a horse to...

Valley Irrigation
Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners (and Future Valley Irrigators)

Valley Irrigation is the worldwide leader in center pivot irrigation. But why

Andy Oerman
Top 5 Reasons Valley is the Best Value in Irrigation

Since 1954, Valley® Irrigation has been providing the most reliable...

Craig Chandler
International Perspective: Valley Irrigation is the Best in the Business

Craig Chandler of TEAM Irrigation, a Valley® dealer located in Dubbo, New...

Valley Irrigation
Georgia Grower Combines Tradition with Technology

The McNeill family established their farm before Georgia was even a state....

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