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Why You Should Get Irrigation Monitoring on Your Farm This Season

May 1, 2017 by Ashley Anderson

The growing season is upon us, and of course, there are a large number of tasks that must to be done to ensure a successful year. Whether you are finished with planting, or just getting started, one thing is clear – you have a lot going on and it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve got a good idea that can potentially save you some time, and lower your stress levels during this busy time of year.

Getting Your Dad Acquainted with His New Valley ICON5 Smart Irrigation Panel

April 27, 2017 by Kylie Blythe

Your Dad is now the proud owner of a new Valley ICON5 smart irrigation panel – now what? Learning about a new product and becoming familiar with its features can be exciting for some and a pain for others. Luckily, for those individuals who may not be excited to learn a new product, the Valley ICON5 panel is incredibly intuitive and makes learning almost effortless.

Valley and Trimble Come Together to Offer Leading Precision Irrigation Management Technology

April 25, 2017 by Caroline McKinney

You may have read the news that Valley Irrigation and Trimble have signed an exclusive agreement for distributing Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ technology. So, what does this mean? And why is it important for irrigation customers?

3 Irrigation Management Features for When You Boot Up Your Valley ICON Panel for the First Time

April 20, 2017 by John Campbell

As I was getting ready to leave the house the other day, my phone pinged me with a text message from my brother-in-law that read, “The ICON has a heartbeat!!” His new Valley® center pivot had been delivered and installed, complete with an ICON10 smart panel. Although he has been a Valley loyalist for many years, he was hesitant to move away from the Pro and Pro2 panels he knew and liked. But there was no reason for him to be nervous. The Valley ICON® line of smart panels for center pivot irrigation management is the most intuitive on the market.

One Center Pivot Control Option That No Other Brand Can Offer.

April 18, 2017 by John Campbell

For many growers, planting is already underway for the 2017 growing season. Soon enough the irrigation season will roll around and Valley Irrigation has the one center pivot control option, that no one else can offer you. This may be the one control option that takes your irrigation season from good to great - Cruise Control™.

Where Center Pivot Irrigation is Headed in the Next 5 Years

April 13, 2017 by Valley Irrigation

Matt Ondrejko, Valley Irrigation vice president global marketing, spoke with Agri Marketing Magazine about where center pivot irrigation is headed in the next five years, as well as the critical role that marketing plays in the development and promotion of new products.

The Benefits of Irrigation Management and Scheduling

April 11, 2017 by Ian Jolovich and Daniel Burgard

In farming, no matter if the crop is corn, potatoes, or grass hay, the name of the game is water. Whether it comes from Mother Nature in Kansas or from center pivot irrigation in California, the number one input to the crop is water. Water can carry nutrients from the soil through the roots to the plant, so that it can grow and return a yield; unfortunately, it can also run off the field, carrying nutrients and topsoil with it, or it can leach nutrients past the roots. Loss of water and nutrients have the same result – lost dollars – both in operating and fertilizer costs.

3 OTHER Farm Blogs You Should Be Following

April 6, 2017 by Kelly Cox

If you’re following this blog, I’m assuming you like to read blogs. While this may just be a really great assumption (seriously – really great, because blogs are amazing), you may be in the market for some new reading material.

Center Pivot Innovation and Agriculture Education

April 3, 2017 by Ashley Willits and Victoria Harris

If the agriculture industry could be described in one word, the most fitting word would be innovation. The ag industry is constantly discovering new ways to produce a safe and abundant food supply for an increasing population.

Irrigation Management Made Easy with Valley ICON Smart Panels

March 30, 2017 by Jake Hull

Controlling your center pivot irrigation operation may seem difficult or complicated. It may even be something that you rely on your dealer to help with. That is all about to change - enter Valley ICON smart control panels.