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Andy Oerman
Valley Irrigation: Long-Lasting Pivots, Long-Lasting Dealers

When discussing his long career with Mike Ames, one thing comes through loud...

Become an Irrigation Expert!

Choosing the right irrigation solution is essential to maximizing farm...

Valley Irrigation
There’s No Replacement for the Best (Trust Valley Genuine Parts)

Every crop has stages when proper irrigation is essential for the best...

David Roberts
ICON Smart Panels: A Customer-Driven Irrigation Product

The Valley® ICON® panel launch last year was arguably the most successful...

Tyler Fields
Technology: The Catalyst for Efficient Irrigation

Peter Drucker, an American-Austrian author once said, “Efficiency is doing...

Valley Irrigation
AgSense Remote Irrigation Monitoring Helps Minnesota Grower Produce Top-Quality Potatoes

Irrigation is important for many growers, but some crops have more demanding...

Valley Irrigation
From Peasant to Entrepreneur (An international success story)

Eliésio Rodrigues was raised with a hoe in his hand. He was only 9 years old...

Clark Robeson, CID
Center Pivot Irrigation vs. Flood Irrigation, Part 2: Return of the Sprinklers

Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, we ran a blog about the merits of center...

Preston Parmley
Center Pivots on the Other Side of the World

Less than a year ago, if you had asked me to think of a “textbook” picture...

Valley Irrigation
A River Ran Through It: (Changing Water Routes, Pump Irrigation and Center Pivots)

In the shadow of the Three Sisters Mountains near Sisters, OR, sits Pine...

Steve Sveum
AgSense – For Farmers, From Farmers

AgSense® was established in 2003 by a couple of irrigating farmers looking...

Diann Ilkenhons
Upgrade Your Nozzle Knowledge (Choosing the Right Irrigation Sprinkler)

Not all sprinklers are created equal, and not all growers’ needs are the...

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