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Andy Oerman
Irrigation Forecasts: Save Time with Valley Scheduling

Greg Juul and his partner, Troy Betz, own and operate G2 Farming near...

Valley Irrigation
In-Field Weather Stations: Accurate Data Makes All the Difference

Every farmer knows they can’t control the weather.

Chris Righter
ROI is Central to the X-Tec Center Drive

Every dollar counts in your business. But success isn’t measured by spending...

Valley Irrigation
Chinese Connection: Valley Center Pivots Improve Agriculture in Rural China

Until recently, consumption of dairy products in China has been low compared...

Andy Oerman
Andy Oerman
A Long and Winding Road: Irrigation Innovator Looks Back on His Career at Valley

Jake LaRue has traveled the world to consult on all aspects of irrigation,...

Andy Oerman
Making Hay: ICONX Smart Irrigation Control Panel Helps Canadian Grower

Like most growers around the world, Cale Hubka has a lot on his plate.

Merritt McDougall
“A One-Stop Shop”: The AgSense Farm

“Knowledge is power” is a common saying, and it’s just as true on the farm.

Andy Oerman
Irrigation Technology: Young Farmers Embrace Benefits of Valley Scheduling

Alex and Kevin Hawman are young, but they can remember a time before...

Trevor Mecham
The Past, Present and Future of Precision Agriculture

When I first started in precision agriculture, it seemed so complex:...

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