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David Roberts
#AgTech and the Environment

It seems ironic that the word “technology” is used so casually it has become...

Tanner Oliphant
Corn Irrigation Pro Tip: Keep an Eye on the Root Depth

As the 2019 corn crop rapidly approaches the reproductive stages for much of...

Aaron Caughey
Go with Flowmeters for Efficiency and Accurate Reporting

Growers are being asked to produce more while using fewer resources. ...

Andy Oerman
Irrigation Forecasts: Save Time with Valley Scheduling

Greg Juul and his partner, Troy Betz, own and operate G2 Farming near...

Valley Irrigation
In-Field Weather Stations: Accurate Data Makes All the Difference

Every farmer knows they can’t control the weather.

Chris Righter
ROI is Central to the X-Tec Center Drive

Every dollar counts in your business. But success isn’t measured by spending...

Valley Irrigation
Chinese Connection: Valley Center Pivots Improve Agriculture in Rural China

Until recently, consumption of dairy products in China has been low compared...

Andy Oerman
Andy Oerman
A Long and Winding Road: Irrigation Innovator Looks Back on His Career at Valley

Jake LaRue has traveled the world to consult on all aspects of irrigation,...

Andy Oerman
Making Hay: ICONX Smart Irrigation Control Panel Helps Canadian Grower

Like most growers around the world, Cale Hubka has a lot on his plate.

Merritt McDougall
“A One-Stop Shop”: The AgSense Farm

“Knowledge is power” is a common saying, and it’s just as true on the farm.

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