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Valley Irrigation
Large Family Farm Takes Advantage of the Latest Irrigation Technology

Irrigation machines are a familiar part of the landscape in south-central...

Andy Oerman
Irrigation Smart Panels: ICONs in Brazil

Brothers Cristian and Martin Braun have grown soybeans, corn and beans since...

Andy Oerman
Irrigating Nostalgia (A Nebraska Native Remembers Valley Irrigation)

"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."William Gibson

Valley Irrigation
Center Pivots and Irrigation Pumps: The Right Amount of Water at the Right Time

From planting the seeds to harvesting, the relatively short life cycle of a...

Andy Oerman
Peak Potatoes (Center Pivot Irrigation on Hills)

Editor: This story originally ran in the July 2018 issue of Potato Grower...

Valley Irrigation
Persistence and Technology Pay Off for Nebraska Farm Family

Roric Paulman grew up on the farm his grandfather had established near...

Valley Irrigation
The 8th Wonder of the World: Center Pivots

Imagine a single company being able to produce enough food for more than...

Andy Oerman
Valley Irrigation: Long-Lasting Pivots, Long-Lasting Dealers

When discussing his long career with Mike Ames, one thing comes through loud...

Become an Irrigation Expert!

Choosing the right irrigation solution is essential to maximizing farm...

Valley Irrigation
There’s No Replacement for the Best (Trust Valley Genuine Parts)

Every crop has stages when proper irrigation is essential for the best...

David Roberts
ICON Smart Panels: A Customer-Driven Irrigation Product

The Valley® ICON® panel launch last year was arguably the most successful...

Tyler Fields
Technology: The Catalyst for Efficient Irrigation

Peter Drucker, an American-Austrian author once said, “Efficiency is doing...

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