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North Carolina Farmer Wins Irrigation Technology and Getaway from Valley

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Written by Andy Oerman |

Valley® Irrigation is pleased to announce that Sam Walton (no, not that Sam Walton) of Lumber Bridge, North Carolina, is the winner of our recent Valley “Work to Play” giveaway. Sam wins an all-inclusive four-day, three-night getaway for two, as well as one Valley ICON® smart panel of his choice and a free one-year subscription to AgSense®.

Winner.pngPictured Sam Walton (right), ICON Giveaway winner, and dealer Ed Bullard (left) of Ed Bullard Irrigation.

Sam farms a 6,000-acre operation in southeastern North Carolina with his father, mother and younger brother, growing corn, soybeans, cotton and conola. His father bought their first center pivot in the 1990s; now they own 14 Valley center pivots, all connected by AgSense. “They’ve been good pivots for us,” Sam says. “They’re durable. We might get more … and I don’t foresee looking at (any other kind) in the future.”

The Waltons purchased their pivots from Ed Bullard Irrigation in Wade, North Carolina, a Valley dealer since 1984. “They’re good growers,” Ed says of the Waltons. “Sam is very sharp and does a great job managing their center pivots. His generation really sees the benefit of irrigation in terms of risk mitigation and yield potential.”

Tech-phone.pngWith irrigation monitoring technology, growers can run their operation from anywhere.

Sam says irrigation offers stability when growers need solutions for drought. He notes a 60-bushel-per-acre improvement when comparing irrigated corn with dry land. In that part of North Carolina, Ed says they get 42 inches of rain per year, but it’s unpredictable. He tells his customers, “You can make the best crop you ever did, every year. Irrigation gives you more control over your destiny.”

Plus, Sam and his wife have two daughters and a newborn son, so they know the importance of being efficient with their time, which makes AgSense perfect for their operation. “The first pivot we had was 15 miles away,” Sam says. “We had to drive down in the middle of the night if something went wrong. Now you can monitor your irrigation from about anywhere.”

“The Valley ‘Work to Play’ giveaway is a prize package designed to provide the winning grower with the means to manage his irrigation operation from far away,” says Rich Panowicz, Vice President of North American Sales for Valley Irrigation. “Winning an all-inclusive vacation is a great way to illustrate how smart technology from Valley can help growers relax and stay in control no matter where they are.”

If a relaxing getaway sounds good to you, watch for future Valley contests in the years ahead. In the meantime, contact your local Valley dealer to learn more about how durable irrigation equipment and control panels can help you relax, even without a beach vacation.

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