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“Must-Have” Crop Irrigation Equipment for 2018

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Written by Chris Righter |

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. Soon we will be overwhelmed with lists of things we absolutely must get or habits we must apply if we want to have a better life in 2018 – lists with titles like “Five Apps for a Smarter Smartphone” or “Three Habits to Help You Get More Done in Less Time.” But, here at Valley® Irrigation, we know what’s really important – irrigation equipment. Your crop irrigation equipment is critical to the success of your operation, so it makes sense to get the most out of it. Here’s a list of things you must have for your irrigation equipment in 2018.

Valley X-Tec Center Drive Motor – Winner of a 2017 AE50 Award from the ASABE, Valley X-Tec leads the list of must-haves in 2018. Our FastPass technology, which gives the Valley X-Tec its speed, leaves other crop irrigation equipment in the dust. Combining speed and power, Valley X-Tec can run up to twice as fast as other drives while still handling rough terrain, just as you would expect from Valley equipment. Valley X-Tec expands the range of irrigation depth and chemigation choices while adding new possibilities, like crop cooling.

valley x-tec center drive motor

Valley ICON® Smart Panel – The line of Valley ICON smart panels bring center pivot control to the next level. The flagship ICON10 gives you an intuitive touchscreen and Edge-of-Field WiFi. The ICON5 retains soft-touch buttons for traditionalists. For a more economical alternative, the ICON1 doesn't include the screen module and instead lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control your center pivot. You can even bring that other brand of crop irrigation equipment into the Valley fold with an ICONX.

valley icon smart panel

New Tires – All of your irrigation equipment rides on your tires. Although your center pivot tires don’t see the miles your truck tires might experience, they are constantly exposed to sun and fluctuating temperatures. No one enjoys changing a tire in the middle of irrigation season. Keep your irrigation equipment running smoothly throughout the 2018 growing season by putting on a new set of tires.

valley irrigation tires

Valley Irrigation Run Time App – A great introduction to Valley technology, the Valley Irrigation Run Time app is a free download available to anyone, regardless if you are on iOS or Android. This app works with any center pivot irrigation equipment and makes basic center pivot tracking a breeze by eliminating those pesky pen-and-paper logs.

valley irrigation run time app

Weather Monitoring – Weather is always a key concern for growers. In a dispersed operation, it may be difficult to monitor the conditions each piece of irrigation equipment is experiencing. If you have Valley ICON panels, you can now add sensors for temperature, wind and rainfall.  Alternately, you can install a standalone weather station and monitor changing weather conditions using AgSense®.

agsense crop link

Your irrigation equipment faces increasingly tough challenges every year. Give your crop irrigation equipment an extra edge in 2018 by adding one or more of the must-have items listed above. Contact your local Valley dealer with any questions you have.

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