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Monitoring Water Use for Precision Irrigation is Easier than Ever

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Written by Ben Hirschfeld |

Local ordinances increasingly require growers to conserve and monitor their groundwater use as part of ongoing efforts to balance the competing demands of agricultural, industrial and residential users. 

Fortunately, Valley® provides growers with excellent tools for conserving scarce groundwater. The Valley 3000 Flowmeter offers the most advanced technology available for monitoring the use of center pivot irrigation system water. The AG3000 Series is a spool-type electromagnetic flowmeter for use in precision irrigation applications in 3” to 12” pipe. 

AG3000 meters are virtually maintenance-free because they have neither no bearings that wear out nor propellers that stop turning. In addition, minimal straight pipe requirements allow AG3000 meters to be used in tight pipe configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow. The following illustration displays minimum requirements for accurate readings on the flowmeter.


The Valley 3000 makes it easy to prepare water use reports for local agencies. Whether you need to report statistics in acre inches, acre feet, gallons or any other logical measurement, results are easily programmed with the Valley 3000. This technology partners seamlessly with other Valley precision irrigation products, such as the Valley ICON® series panels, Valley BaseStation3TM and AgSense®, to help you provide customized reports that meet agency requirements.

Contact your Valley dealer for more information on the Valley 3000.

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