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Modern Irrigation Monitoring

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Written by Ashley Anderson |

Farming is a 24/7 job, and irrigation for crops is a big part of a farmer’s day. But, you can’t monitor every machine every moment of every day to ensure each operates appropriately. At some point, you need to step away from the field to sleep, spend time with family, and take time for yourself.


Not only do you need to control your irrigation hardware at the panel, but also being able to monitor your irrigation equipment away from the panel is imperative. Monitor remote control provides real-time information about the status of your equipment and can alert you when issues arise. Getting alerts minimize the time of impact, allowing you to address the issue quickly before it’s too late. Knowing the current status gives you peace of mind each night, and ensures that the application controls that you set are precisely completed, improving the chances for greater quantity and quality of your crop yield.

Like many other technological advancements, irrigation monitoring has rapidly evolved in the past decade. Growers can now monitor various types of irrigation equipment simultaneously and view performance statistics to help optimize the operation. Remote monitoring is not only available via the equipment at the farm, but now also available remotely via a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Having the ability to monitor your operation from anywhere, at any time, allows you to spend your valuable time elsewhere.


The advantages of using irrigation monitoring technology:

  • Real-time status information about each piece of equipment
  • Time and cost savings from fewer trips to the field
  • Alerting for quicker response and resolution of issues
  • Precise control of water application
  • Historical data reporting for improved decision-making
  • Security over personnel access to equipment controls

Consult with your local Valley® dealer to find out how the latest irrigation technology and remote control solutions Valley Irrigation has to offer can help your operation.

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