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Learning at the AgTech Leader: An Intern’s Experience with Valley Irrigation

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Written by Maria Clark |

My name is Maria Clark, and I’m the Social & Digital Marketing Intern for Valmont’s Irrigation Division. Before coming to Valley®, I had no experience in agriculture. I grew up in Omaha and was raised in the “big city.” My internship at Valley opened my eyes to the world of farming in a way I had never known, giving me a newfound appreciation for irrigation and growers.

When I joined the talented team that is Valley Global Marketing, I was new and nervous. Luckily for me, I was provided all the necessary tools and technology to succeed in my role. Since day one, my team made time to teach me about their jobs and answer the thousand questions I still ask. I was given access to tools like the Adobe Creative Suite, HubSpot, and Confluence and Jira to keep track of my work and stay organized while producing and distributing content. The real-world job experience and responsibilities help prepare me for a career in my field after college in a way you can’t learn in the classroom.

Untitled-1-3The Global Marketing Team from Valley Irrigation features experts from five continents.

I was fortunate enough to start at Valmont® at the same time as several other interns as part of an internship program. About 20 college students from different fields came together at a common company to gain knowledge and experience in various areas. Through the program, we took a plant tour, heard weekly speakers from different areas of the company and visited the test field to learn about center pivots firsthand. We got the privilege of having lunch with Valmont CEO Steve Kaniewski, and heard advice on everything from life after college to running a massive, successful company. My friends interning in human resources and engineering showed me their daily duties and I showed them behind the scenes of our digital world. It was valuable to learn what other people throughout the company do and see outside my small part of it.

Valmont InternsThe Valmont Internship Program offers great opportunities for college students to gain real-world experience at a tech-forward company.

Between my first post on Facebook and now, there have been many learning experiences and memories formed, including countless meetings, a global marketing summit, plant tours, and my favorite – a visit to a dairy farm.

During our global marketing summit, I was able to meet our global marketing team. Our team members from Romania, Australia and Brazil spent a week in Valley, talking marketing strategy and presenting on each of their regions. We spent a day visiting a nearby Valley dealership and farms, one of which was a dairy farm that used robotic technology to milk their cows. The farmer was kind enough to let us explore his operation. He was entertained by our fascination with the cows and even commented that it was like I had never seen one before because of my excitement! It was an unbelievably educational and memorable day.

Team at Dairy FarmThe Global Marketing Team visited a dairy farm to see how local farmers are implementing various technologies.

Valmont is a company that gives their employees opportunities to succeed and further their education and careers. They are dedicated to making their company the best it can be, and that starts by providing opportunities for growth within.

When I reflect on my time at Valmont, I feel grateful and I’m excited for other college students to have a similar opportunity to gain work experience through Valmont’s internship program. If you would like to begin a challenging, inspiring, engaging career, visit the Valmont Careers page.

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