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Leading the Way: The Future of Irrigation Control Technology

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Written by John Campbell |

I’m going to start off with an assignment for you. It’s a quick one, I promise. Do an internet search for “1983 Technology,” or, better yet, “1983 cell phone.”

Good; for those of you that were alive and aware in 1983, some of those images bring back old (repressed?) memories. Memories of a simpler time when computers were the size of microwave ovens and the brand new cell phone wasn’t much smaller.

1983 marks the very beginning of feasible cellular technology. It also marks the very beginning of remote control and monitoring for mechanized center pivot irrigation, because the very same year that the cell phone was released for sale, Valley® was selling the world’s first telemetry for center pivots. I’m still absolutely blown away by that fact; it’s even more incredible when you consider Valley was able to do that before we introduced the very first computerized control panel.

1983 technology

Keep up with me, here. We are going down the path of Valley industry firsts. #historyLesson

In 1990, we introduced processors into our panels, giving our customers unheard-of control technology over when and how they could irrigate.

valley basestation

1991 introduced BaseStation, replacing the groundbreaking - but now outdated - Valmonitor. BaseStation was the very first PC-based telemetry system for center pivots.

valley pocket pro

In 1995, Valley released the PocketPro control technology solution. This product literally put all the power and flexibility of the Pro control panel literally into the palm of your hand.

valley gps lrd

Valley brought the precision of GPS to irrigation with GPS Position in 2008.

Recognizing the need for even greater water efficiency, Valley introduced you to Variable Rate Irrigation in 2010.

edge-of-field remote wi-fi

And, earlier in 2017, Valley was the first to introduce two additional industry-exclusive firsts. The first was Edge of Field WiFi, bringing you the newest generation of full hand-held control within the the Valley ICON® control panel series. The second was the Valley X-TecTM high-speed center drive motor, which represents the irrigation industry’s fastest, most powerful drive train solution, allowing growers even more options for water and chemical application through their center pivot.

valley x-tec center drive motor system

The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, indeed.

For more information on Valley history and the latest Valley solutions, contact your local Valley dealer.

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