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Is Irrigation Monitoring the Right Way to Connect Your Farm?

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Written by Tanner Landstrom |

These days, the number of unknowns in our everyday lives is very small and is only getting smaller. As members of the Information Age, we have the benefit of knowing practically whatever we want, whenever we want. We can easily find answers and access information from anywhere by utilizing a small tool we all carry around – our cell phones. Whether it’s checking the outcome of the big game, communicating with family and friends, managing our bank accounts, finding our way around, looking up the weather forecast, making purchases, or anything in between, we can quickly and easily take care of it all without leaving our seat. But wouldn’t it be nice if the same conveniences found in your personal life could be applied to your farming operation? Well, the good news is, they can be – you just need to connect your farm, the right way.

agsense aqua trac

If the idea of a connected farm still seems obscure to you, there is a good reason for that. A connected farm can mean something different for every operation. To some, having a connected farm is simply having irrigation monitoring and control for their irrigation pumps (with a Crop Link) and their center pivot (with a Field Commander® or CommanderVP™). To others, a connected farm is all about being able to remotely track grain bin temperatures (with Grain Trac) or collect field-specific weather (with a Crop Link) or soil moisture data (with an Aqua Trac). These are all good examples, and they all demonstrate how a connected farm could save you time and trips to the field, but none of them are connected the right way unless you are able to use all of the collected data to maximize your efficiency - Like improving the efficiency of your center pivot, conserving water and ultimately, saving you money. This is where the final piece of the puzzle comes in.

dealer agronomist

Your AgSense® dealer and local agronomist are vital to the continued success and growth of your connected farm. Keep your dealer in the loop about the issues you’ve been having around the farm. With a good understanding of where resources are being allocated, your dealer may be able to recommend the perfect solution to your problems. Your agronomist will be able to help you to interpret current data as well as use historical data to make recommendations. With you, your AgSense dealer and your agronomist all working together, you will be able to manage your connected farm the right way - now and in the future.

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