International Perspective: Valley Irrigation is the Best in the Business

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Written by Craig Chandler |

Craig Chandler of TEAM Irrigation, a Valley® dealer located in Dubbo, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, says Valley is at the forefront of irrigation thinking. Valley is the global leader in irrigation equipment, irrigating approximately 25 million acres of land worldwide. The company pioneered center pivot irrigation in the 1950s, and since then has helped growers in more than 90 countries on six continents conserve water while increasing their crop quality and yields.

“No one else is close in the level of technology they have,” he says.

x-tec.png The Valley X-Tec center drive changes the game for every grower, especially down under.

One of the innovative products Valley has recently introduced is the X-Tec® center drive motor, currently available in the United States, and coming soon to Australia. “They have a new X-Tec center drive motor coming out this year that has double the speed and double the torque. It will get around your field twice as fast and handle the toughest terrain. It will be revolutionary.”

Irrigation Technology

BS3.png BaseStation3 allows every grower take back control over their operation and save money while doing it.

Chandler says the remote technology now available through Valley has brought significant cost savings to growers through reduced labor and increased water efficiency.

BaseStation3™ is the most innovative, state-of-the-art irrigation management solution on the market.

It offers remote web-based monitoring, field maps, advanced data reports and alerts, giving you real-time access to all of your operations, no matter where you are. It even comes with an option that provides Wi-Fi out in the field.

Valley Is … The Trusted Brand

Pivot.png Valley center pivots are simply the best machines in the field. Growers in Australia couldn't agree more.

Chris Taylor, a farmer in the central-west region of NSW, has only ever trusted Valley irrigation equipment for his family’s 850 acres of corn, canola and wheat.

He has seven Valley center pivots covering areas ranging from 15 to 110 acres. They double crop, so the machines are under constant pressure to perform and are expected to work many hours throughout the year. “It seems to us that Valley has the least amount of breakdowns [compared] to any other brand,” says Taylor. “When it is required to go, it just goes.” 

“Valley has great technology, and I consider their PolySpan® irrigation pipes to be the best on the market,” said Taylor.

He says the reliability of Valley products is what has kept the farm loyal to the brand. “Our first Valley pivot lasted for 29 years, so I know how tried and true the products are. They just work, and that is important to me in my business.”

Tops in Service Down Under

Serviceman.png Unbeatable service is a crucial element for every grower. TEAM Irrigation is leading the way with innovative maintenance tools.

TEAM Irrigation strives to offer the support and service for which Valley irrigation is known worldwide.

TEAM Irrigation’s large, Australia-based warehouse and local staff mean access to stock and technical support is fast – crucial to growers when something goes down during storm season or at peak watering time.

Chandler believes drone technology will be the next game changer for irrigation. 

The ability to send a drone on a pre-determined route around the property at the same time every morning will be a significant advantage in enabling pivots and laterals to be checked remotely before you even leave the farmhouse.

Find out what Valley irrigation technology can do for your property by speaking to the experts at your local Valley dealer.

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