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How to Start Using Water Management Solutions for Irrigation Management

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Written by Tyler Fields |

When it comes to navigating the challenges of detecting and developing sources for irrigation, turn to the experts in water conveyance. Valley® Water Management provides you with a sustainable water source and a way to manage it from the pumping station all the way to the crop. We work with you to design and create a customized irrigation management plan for your operation.

Irrigation Pumps and Other Valley Water Management Solutions

Because irrigation is one of today’s most important crop inputs, growers are rapidly developing new water sources to meet their irrigation management needs. Whether you are building a new reservoir, drawing from a canal or using well fields to supply your irrigation machines, Valley Water Management and your local Valley dealer can design a high-efficiency irrigation pump solution to meet your specific needs. Our specialized team of engineers, agronomists, soil scientists, geologists and hydrologists will design your project based on your farm management practices.

valley water management - irrigation pumps for irrigation management

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Our pumping stations are customized to:

  • Fully customized telemetry to control and monitor pump stations
  • Fully automated pump stations that start, stop and operate based on programmed parameters – no operator action is required
  • Pump station telemetry fully compatible with BaseStation3™ and AgSense®
  • Custom programming tailored to your specific needs, including factors such as crop, time of year and water source availability

Get Up and Running Quickly and Easily

Valley Water Management skid-mounted pump stations are designed to save you money while making installation quick and start up easy. Everything you need to make the pump station work is assembled on a single skid. Your pump station will be custom-designed based on your needs.

Save Money with Variable Frequency Drives

valley water management vfd

A variable frequency drive controls your irrigation pump motor’s speed to deliver only what your operation needs to function at optimal efficiency. The VFD responds to a pre-programmed input signal, usually a pressure transducer, to vary pump speed to match your exact requirements. This can dramatically boost efficiency and energy savings by preventing over pumping and over pressurizing of your irrigation equipment. And energy savings means cost savings!

Here are some benefits to you:

  • Save money – VFD energy savings produce meaningful cost savings that will continue for many years.
  • Multiple control options – Control your drive via pressure, flow, level, or any factor you prefer.
  • High quality, high reliability – Our VFDs are field proven in the ag market with thousands of units in operation.
  • Powerful software – The Yaskawa iQPump1000 industry leading software is the only software designed specifically for ag irrigation and water pumping. Don’t settle for software that was originally designed for controlling fans, conveyors, and HVAC systems!
  • Outdoor-rated NEMA 3R enclosures – Rest assured that your drives will perform reliably, even in harsh conditions.

Every project is unique, with its own set of challenges. The experienced Valley Water Management team will custom-design your premium pump solution to fit your operation. Contact your local Valley dealer today for details.

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