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Extend the Life of Your Center Pivot with Valley PolySpan

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Written by Preston Parmley |

With the growing season coming to a close, it's that time of year again where we ask ourselves “How can we make this operation even better?” Continuous improvement, that’s what we say; here at Valley®, we know that to be better year after year, we must adapt and overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

With water arguably being the largest input in most operations, it is important to be prepared for future changes that could alter your farming practices. While groundwater quality is progressively declining across the United States, more and more growers are seeing the effects of what increased corrosion looks like. This slow decay is causing decreased center pivot machine life, reduced structure strength from thinning of the pipe wall, and constant battles with rusty components.

So, with water being a changing and significant input, why not look at how you can make your precision irrigation equipment investment last longer and overcome future challenges.

Like any piece of agricultural equipment, a center pivot irrigation machine is a sizable investment, and one that must be strategically thought out. Industry wide, Valley center pivot and linear machines are known to be the safest and strongest investment you can make for your precision irrigation needs. However, how can you take your investment in a Valley machine to the next level?

That’s easy: PolySpan®.

valley polyspan pipeline for center pivot precision irrigation


With Valley PolySpan, the high-density polyethylene liner protects your galvanized span piping from being in continuous contact with corrosive water or minerals. With cuffed liners on the ends of the piping and hot-formed flanges, accompanied with our full-flow, glass-reinforced nylon couplers, flowing water contact with galvanized spans is practically eliminated. This unmatched precision irrigation piping durability is the ultimate solution for any water pH and chloride, sulfate or chemical concentration.


For decades, the industry standard for center pivot and linear irrigation has been galvanized steel. However, with any metallic structure, when exposed to the correct corrosive environment, you can see decreased useful life. Nobody, at least that I have ever met, wants their return on investment to be cut short. When you invest in a PolySpan system, you can be confident that your machine will be irrigating for decades or generations to come. We stand behind this confidence by offering a 20-year corrosion warranty with full replacement for the first 10 years (or 30,000 hours), further protecting your investment*.   

valley polyspan pipeline for center pivot precision irrigatino

Protect Your Current Investment

We know that not everyone is in the market for a new center pivot. However, if your existing machine is showing the effects of corrosive water, it might be time to make a fix before it’s too late. That’s why we offer re-piping for older Valley 8000, 7000 and 6000 series machines. By replacing your old corroding pipe with PolySpan, you can bring new life to a machine that has never let you down, season after season.

For more information on PolySpan systems and other Valley products, and for a FREE water sample test, contact your local Valley dealer.

Invest in your farm, invest in your future; invest in Valley PolySpan.

*Valid in the United States and Canada only. Please contact your local Valley dealer for details on Valley warranties in your region.

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