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Don’t Hold Back Late Night Conversations with Irrigation Dealers

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Written by John Campbell |

I love my job. I get to play with the latest technology and have great conversations with dealers on why it's so awesome. Who wouldn’t love this job? Over the past several years, I have spent a considerable amount of time meeting and conversing with Valley® dealers and customers to get a feel for how the Valley suite of technology tools is performing for their pivots. Because we at Valley believe in open and honest communication, here are some snippets of those late-night conversations with dealers and customers.

Conversation #1: Three Cheers For Valley ICON® And AgSense®!

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The most common conversation I’ve had with these guys and gals is that the combination of the new Valley ICON smart panels and AgSense® telemetry solutions is unparalleled. According to them, this combo provides growers of all types and locations the power to literally “see” how their irrigation operation is doing. Frankly, this feedback doesn’t surprise me. Valley and AgSense are both industry leaders and rich with real-world expertise.

Conversation #2: I’m-a Gonna Use My Phone For That.

use phone for that - 612017.jpg

I was a bit taken by surprise over the opportunities that the Valley ICON1 and Edge-of Field WiFi were resolving for customers and dealers. One example is an installation that required remote-mounted panels where it wasn’t feasible to bury cable. Another dealer only sells the Valley ICON1 panel, but includes an iPad, he told me it has really taken off with customers regardless of their age.

Conversation #3: Just Get Me On A Valley!

iconx - 612047.jpg

Personally, my favorite “surprise” was the number of Valley ICONX panels being installed on new or nearly new non-Valley machines, giving even those customers the connectivity of AgSense or BaseStation3™, full control at the pivot point and the opportunity to meet the industries best dealer network.

Though I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed reading these snippets of conversations, I urge you to contact your local Valley dealer to have your own technology conversation.

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