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Customized Solutions Solve Problems for Growers

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Valley Water Management VFD

Valley® Water Management has a many off the shelf solutions to fix everyday problems growers have. One example is controlling your pump remotely from your pivot. Our Valley Pump Connect® product generally solves this issue, but what happens when you have multiple pivots and pumps on your farms that need to be controlled? Maybe you have a VFD providing water to multiple pivots that you would like to control. That’s when we can help our dealers and growers with more complex control solutions.

We have the ability to offer custom-tailored Valley Pump Connect and Valley Drive Connects™ for your application. One recent example is a customized Valley Drive Connect project we created for C & H Irrigation; a Valley dealer in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

The dealership works with a grower who has two Valley pivots that travel across large elevation differences at the same time. The grower needs to maintain enough pressure to ensure proper water application on both machines. VWM provided a customized Valley Drive Connect with a “Smart Gateway” that wirelessly monitors pressure on the end of both machines and provides real time pressure feedback to the VFD. This system can control pressure with one or both pivots running to maximize water application and energy savings.

This is only one example of the many custom-built solutions we can provide to our Valley dealers and growers – from complete farm design, pumping projects, customized automation and full remote control, to evaluating your current operation for possible improvements.

To find how we can help you save time and money in your operation, contact your local Valley dealer for more information.

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