Corn Irrigation Pro Tip: Keep an Eye on the Root Depth

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Written by Tanner Oliphant |

As the 2019 corn crop rapidly approaches the reproductive stages for much of the Midwest, this year is shaping up to be one where fertility is going to be a big talking point.

We all know that the flooding this year continues to be a challenge for growers. In years like this one, you should closely monitor your crop’s current rooting depth. Lengthy periods of saturated soils in the spring and late planting dates are a perfect combination for the lack of a deeply penetrating root system.

Understanding exactly where your crop’s roots are currently active and have the ability to absorb moisture and nutrients is vital when trying to schedule irrigation and fertigation. This is especially true during crop stages when water use is high and potential yield loss is heightened, too.

sprinklerClosely monitor your corn's root depth to better understand when to irrigate in wet years of late planting.

Using a soil probe connected to AgSense® or Valley Scheduling™ gives growers a real-time view of what is going on underground, as well as valuable insight into how to irrigate to the root zone accurately during these critical crop stages.

Contact your local Valley® Irrigation dealer to learn more about Valley Scheduling and soil moisture monitoring today.

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