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3 Time-Saving Control Technology and Irrigation Monitoring Products

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Written by Ashley Anderson |

Time is one resource we can’t control – there never seems to be enough of it. When it comes to irrigating and running a farm, time is a precious resource. Good news is that there are number of ways to use time more efficiently with products and tools from Valley®. Control panels, remote irrigation monitoring and precision controls are three of the top technology products you need to help manage your time on the farm.

1. Control Panels

control technology

The Valley ICON® smart panels are one of the top control products needed to save time on the farm. These smart panels are filled with features to help save time in a variety of ways. The simple and easy-to-use interface helps you find controls and make changes quickly. All Valley ICON panels come built-in and ready to use with the AgSense® ICON Link to connect you to remote irrigation monitoring and controls when you are away from the pivot. Edge-of-Field WiFi provides controls around the field with the ICON10 and ICON1 smart panels. Both provide time-savings by reduced trips to the pivot point. 

2. Remote Controls

agsense remote monitoring

Irrigation control can be time-consuming and a lot of effort to manage. From maintenance on center pivots, to scheduling irrigation and running pumps, there is a lot that goes into irrigation management, and it takes up a lot of time. With a remote control technology product like AgSense, you can get back more time in your day to focus on other things. Remote control technology products can be accessed any time, from anywhere, via your smartphone, computer or tablet to provide you the convenience of managing your irrigation operation how and when you need to. This saves you time by limiting the necessary trips you make to the field. 

3. Precision Irrigation Controls


In addition to control panels and remote control technology, there are a number of precision irrigation technology products and tools to improve time management on the farm. This includes variable rate irrigation (VRI), GPS and water management solutions

Using VRI not only saves water and improves efficiency of irrigation, but it also saves you time by reducing the management tasks of determining how much, when and where to apply irrigation. It can also decrease runoff and negative impacts to the soil and crops due to poor irrigation - meaning less time spent on headaches. 

GPS is used in irrigation to accurately guide or locate the position of your machine, leading to improved time management. The GPS calculations are performed inside your Valley GPS Ready control panel, so you don't need to waste precious hours connecting to and working from another computer.

Water management products, like Pump Connect®, wirelessly automate pump operation from the center pivot. This saves you time by reducing trips to pump site. 

With time as a precious resource, it's best to take advantage of opportunities where we can conserve it. With these control technology products from Valley, your complete irrigation operation can be run as efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money. Control panels, remote controls and precision irrigation controls are a great place to start to help save you time around the farm.

Want to learn more about these solutions? Contact your local Valley dealer today.

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