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Irrigation Season: 5 Must-Dos in Preparation

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Irrigation season has begun. Have you done your due diligence to prep your AgSense® units on your irrigation machines for what’s coming? Check these steps off your list before you call it a day on preparation.

Prep your tables:

Generate, edit and review your speed and end gun tables – they’ll stay active in the device until they’re manually cleared.

Prep your batteries:

Charge your unit batteries, and verify that your units show up online – if it’s wired for PRO service, the battery will charge as long as there is power; however, if it’s wired for Basic or Enhanced, you may need to walk the pivot for 15-20 minutes before it will have enough charge to communicate.

Prep your antennas:

Make sure the unit’s GPS and cellular antennas are intact and that the units are sending readings when powered up – antennas can be damaged from harsh weather and animals snacking on them.

Prep your commands:

Check for active commands from last season (stops, starts and auto-reverse) – these commands remain active until the unit executes the command or they are cleared.

Prep your new app:

New Agsense App

Retire your WagNet® app (unless you need to access Pivot Point units) and download the all-new AgSense App – log into the demo account to familiarize yourself with app navigation, features (including weather monitoring), and our new look! For additional information about the app, consult the user manual, found in the “Virtual Tech” tab in WagNet.

Set yourself up for success this season – make sure your AgSense units on your pivots are running in tip-top shape before the summer sets in.

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