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Intern Spotlight: Sarah Allen

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Sarah AllenName: Sarah Allen
Position at Valley® Irrigation: Supply Chain Intern

Q: Where do you attend school and what is your major?
: I attend the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and am majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in German.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about being an intern at Valley Irrigation?
: I have enjoyed the very welcoming environment and working with people who constantly promote learning and challenging myself, but who also want nothing but to see me succeed. I have never felt like “just an intern.” I am treated as a peer, and my opinions are not only valued but also requested.

Q: Have you learned anything new or had an experience you want to comment on?
: I am taking on about ten projects that will actually have an impact on the company and allow me to gain valuable and diverse experiences in the process. I have learned more than I imagined was possible within a few short weeks and have had the opportunity to work with great people of all different departments. Each day is something different and interesting, and I am very excited to see where the rest of the summer takes me.

Q: What is a goal you want to achieve before graduating from college?
: Before graduating from college next May I plan to take the LSAT and apply to law school to further my education beyond undergrad. My goal would be to do well on the exam as well as have a good choice in schools that I have been accepted to for the fall of 2017.

Q: Are you doing anything interesting this summer, besides working at your awesome job?
: This summer I am taking on Omaha as a nice change from Lincoln for a few months and have been spending a lot of time seeing what the city has to offer with my friends. I plan to head back home to Fort Collins, CO, for July 4th weekend as my summer vacation.

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