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3 Benefits to Attending a Trade School

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Written by Hannah Boone |

By Hannah Boone, HR Generalist, Valley® Irrigation


Like all of the options for post-secondary education, trade schools play an important part in developing skilled individuals to enter the workforce. But, not everyone prefers to learn by sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures. Trade schools provide opportunities for students to get hands-on education that focuses on skills training for specific careers.

There are many advantages and benefits to trade schools and the education they provide:

1. Training for a career that complements your natural skills and talent

Some people grow up knowing what they want to do and just need to find the right education and experiences to get them there. Trade schools provide education that is focused on what’s necessary to do the job versus spending multiple years getting a broad education that may or may not be relevant to your future career.

2. Improve the shortage of skilled workers

Research shows that in the next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled due to baby boomer retirements and economic expansion. However, there is a gap in the amount of people with the necessary skills required to fill the positions - in part due to the lack of science, engineering, math and technical programs in schools. The skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of the 3.5 million jobs going unfilled.

3. More timely and affordable education for students

Trade school educational programs are more focused on the necessary skills needed to perform a job, therefore, require less time to complete the programs. Less time also means less money. With fewer credits required to get to graduation, trade schools minimize your cost on credits and get you into the career you want faster.

Though these three benefits do not encapsulate all of the benefits that trade schools provide, they do illustrate how large of a role trade schools will play in the future of the workforce.

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