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Predicting the Next Ag-Tech “Unicorn”

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Written by Terry Schiltz |
precision irrigation technology

Recently while watching my favorite financial news network, I was confused by a new buzzword that was repeated more than a bad lawyer joke. Multiple experts described which new start-up was going to be the next “Unicorn.” I finally concluded that a “Unicorn” is a metaphor for the “Next Big Thing” or the “Magic Button.”
You may have noticed in recent years a significant number of technology startup companies that promise to revolutionize the farm. In most cases the jury is still out, and it remains to be seen which technologies will win out and who will rise to the top to be the “Google of Agriculture.” Although we don’t have all the answers and at times it seems like all this data creates more work than it's worth, I believe it is imperative to focus on the journey, rather than any particular point in time - there is no "finish line."

As a veteran in the ag technology space, I like to reflect back to 2003 when we started AgSense®. Though technology has changed a great deal since then, the same principles we applied to our business at the beginning still pertain. Our mission was to create a user interface (hardware and software) that would add simplicity, efficiency, profitability and overall value that our customers would deem a product they could not live without. I hear this very comment from many of our customers, and I never get tired of it!

I have no idea who the next “Unicorn” in agriculture will be. However, I do believe that the technology providers who focus on the above principles and make it easy for growers to convert field data into useful information will be the winners. At AgSense, we will continue to develop and improve the products and services based on the same principles that founded the company. We look forward to continuing the journey with our customers and industry partners to create more products our customers just can’t live without.

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