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5 Reasons You Need to Consider VFDs

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
5 Reasons You Need to Consider VFDs

With all the uncertainties facing growers these days, one thing is certain: reducing costs and maximizing profits by becoming more efficient is paramount. One of the most expensive costs in a farming operation is pumping water. With Valley® Water Management’s IQ Pump 1000 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), you can save money on your pump costs by up to 25-50% on average annually. There are many other added benefits to using VFD, including the following 5 reasons:

1. Instead of your pump running at full speed, the VFD will speed up or slow down your pump to maintain the minimum pressure your pivot needs to deliver an even water application.

2. With a VFD, your pipeline can be filled at a slower rate and pressure to avoid any water hammer or pipeline blowouts. The VFD can also sense a broken pipe and shut down automatically.

3. If you have multiple pressure set points required in your system, for example running multiple pivots or wheel lines at different times, you can change the pressure set point on your VFD by the flip of a switch. This eliminates the need for expensive control valves.

4. A VFD can be installed with existing or new electric pumps and can convert single phase to 3-phase power if necessary.

5. With local and federal energy rebate programs available for a VFD installation, your return on investment can be realized in as little as 2 years, with energy and system savings for years to come.

For more information on how Valley Water Management’s VFD can help make your operation more efficient, contact your local Valley Irrigation dealer.

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