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Listening to Growers is the Key to Irrigation Technology Innovation

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Written by John Campbell |

You've heard it from us before: the days of driving out to the field in the middle of the night to check on center pivots are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of turning end guns on and off in the field, wondering exactly what’s happening out there and needing to be there in person to do anything about it.

And let’s not forget about missed vacations, children’s ballgames, and hunting seasons. That’s just the reality of a farmer’s life, right?

Not anymore, and it’s all thanks to irrigation technology.

A large part of our philosophy at Valley Irrigation is providing growers like you with options that are best suited to your farms and free up your time for other things. In order to do this, we listen to what you want and need, whether it’s upgrading existing products or developing new, cutting-edge and innovative products.

You told us that you were tired of having to physically go out to the field to check on a machine's status; you were just spending way too much time doing that one chore. You wanted to easily check on the status of the machine from virtually anywhere; thus our BaseStation3™ platform was born, which lets you monitor and control your center pivots remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Thank you.

You told us you wanted quick and easy access to the irrigation control features you use the most. So many other things could be done from a tablet or smartphone; why not managing your irrigation operation? So, we developed native apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Thank you.

You told us you wanted enhanced mapping tools, which led to the software integration of Google Maps™ into BaseStation3. Thank you.

Since 1954, we have been on the very leading edge to bring a lot of "firsts" to the irrigation industry. Just some of the more notable ones: center pivots, galvanized pipe, corner arms, linear move machines, and low pressure 10 PSI sprinkler nozzles. All the way back in 1983, we introduced you to the very first remote control and monitoring solution, and shortly after that we also introduced the very first computer-enhanced control panels. You have our word that we'll continue to be at the forefront and work to provide you with innovative and needed technological advancements.


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