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Why It's Worth It to Upgrade Your Sprinkler Packages

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Written by Jerry Gerdes |

Today's growers understand the advantages of scheduling irrigation to maximize production efficiency. This means putting down water, fertilizer and other chemicals at the best time for the crop. But many growers haven't fully realized the importance of uniformity, which is the other critical factor. Here are 4 reasons why it's worth it to upgrade your sprinkler packages.

1. Your sprinkler packages are getting old and outdated.

Your sprinkler packages are getting old and outdated

With the average age of center pivots ranging from 10 to 30 years, you need to consider upgrading your sprinkler packages to take advantage of updated technology and replace worn-out parts. Sprinklers wear out like other components on the machine. The wear may not necessarily be highly visible, but it's still costing you yield potential, wasting your inputs and stealing from your bottom line.

 Your worn-out sprinkler parts are costing you money2. Your worn-out sprinkler parts are costing you money.

It's worth spending the money to upgrade your sprinkler packages not only from a crop yield standpoint, but also from an operating cost standpoint. For example, if you have worn-out pressure regulators and you're pumping more water than you need, you're wasting energy and water.

Your sprinkler packages have been used for 10,000 hours or more3. Your sprinkler packages have been used for 10,000 hours or more.

As a rule of thumb, if your sprinkler package has 10,000 hours of use, it's time to start looking at replacing pressure regulators and sprinklers. Depending on the demand for irrigation and the value of the crop grown under it, growers in some regions may need to replace sprinklers in 10 years and some in 5 years.

4. Crop prices.

Crop prices

Crop prices make you take a closer look at upgrading your sprinkler packages. And it's definitely worth the investment because it can boost crop yields and lower operating costs, both of which benefit the bottom line. The higher the crop value, the quicker the payback after the investment is made.

Are you ready to upgrade your sprinkler package? Have your local Valley dealer contact you to get you started.


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