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What Growers Say about BaseStation3

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Written by John Campbell |

We know that you trust what your neighbors, friends, family and peers have to say about a product. And why wouldn't you? Would you purchase a new car that someone else you know said was the worst thing ever? Probably not.

The same thought process holds true for your irrigation equipment and technology. We've spent years gathering honest feedback from our growers. Here are some things that they have to say about BaseStation3™.

David Segars
Hartsville, NC

“BaseStation2™ let me monitor and control my pivots from just about anywhere, even from the tractor. BaseStation3 is even better. The mobile app is extremely user-friendly. I’m using it on my iPhone® and iPad® now and hardly ever use my desktop anymore.”

Drex Gauntt
Drex Gauntt
Wallula, WA

“BaseStation has changed the way I farm. I’m able to get more work done with less people. I’m able to have more time at home. I know when there’s an emergency and I know when there are things that can wait and fit my schedule instead of my schedule being dictated by the pivots.”

kyle thacker
Kyle Thacker
Bow Island, Alberta, Canada

“It allows you to monitor everything so much faster. Before, you’d start a pivot and it seemed like you would just get over the hill and it would quit, but you wouldn’t realize it had quit until you went back there to check it again. But with BaseStation you don’t have to be watching all the time. You get a text message or an email on your phone and you can see what’s happening right away and deal with it.”

jeff rottinghaus
Jeff Rottinghaus
Pasco, WA

“I can always know what’s going on – hour to hour – through the day."

dale roe
Dale Roe
Hurlock, MD

“Without it, we’d have to drive out to the field, get out of the vehicle and start the pivot. Then we’d have to drive around and check on all the pivots and stop each pivot at the end of the day. That’s a lot of labor to factor in.”

shea jackson
Shea Jackson
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

“We have some issues with our [filter] screens getting plugged. With BaseStation3, we can set the pressure so I’m alerted. If the pressure is starting to drop, I know I have a screen issue.”

kerry knuth
Kerry Knuth
Mead, NE

“Our biggest benefit of Valley VRI is we are placing water where the plants need it, and we’ve seen yield benefit for that.”

Duane Johnson
Wahoo, NE

“Instead of jumping out of bed at 2 a.m. to drive out and check on my pivots, I can roll over and check my phone. I know where the pivots are, and I know if I can wait until morning to handle anything that comes up. It’s peace of mind, and it’s hard to put a value on the sense of security that offers.”

alex hawman
Alex Hawman
Hermiston, OR

“With advanced irrigation technology, I get more time with my family. I’m not always running out to the fields and checking on my pivots because I can control them all from my house. I can be watching TV and see that I need to switch a pivot, so then I can just get my phone out and can switch the pivots right there from the living room."

Are you ready to learn more about how remote control and telemetry technology, like the Valley BaseStation3, can help you out? Check out our free webinar "8 Reasons Why You Should Be Controlling Your Irrigation With Technology" today!


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