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Behind the Scenes with Brian Barry

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Brian Barry

In Valley® terms, Brian Barry is a fairly new employee. He’s only been here seven years. As a welder and the evening shift lead, he is responsible for deciding what lines will be running and what employees will be on each line.

Brian Barry

There are three welding lines: the southline, the Motoman line, and the ag line. After handing out shift assignments, Brian spends the rest of the night making sure everyone has the correct pipe and parts that they need, and does whatever he can to keep the entire shop running as smoothly as possible.

Brian Barry

There are 20 employees working the lines on the evening shift and eight working the graveyard shift. Brian also determines which lines will be running over night and where each person will be working.

Previously, Brian worked in small parts, Poly pipe, and pipe welding. “It’s a good solid company to work for, with good benefits and it’s close to home,” he says. “I’m proud to work for the world leader and I like seeing all the Valley center pivots in the fields when I drive anywhere.”

Brian Barry

In his free time, Brian enjoys time bike riding, kayaking, spending time with his wife and son, and hanging out with his rottweiler, Riggs.

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