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Why Continuous Education is the Key to Successful Dealerships

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Written by Stevie Scates |

Our customers benefit from the high standards that Valley® Irrigation holds its dealers to. One way that these standards are enforced is through continuous education. Valley offers educational opportunities to all its dealers – in all career types - throughout any given year. Here are 3 ways that Valley continues to educate its dealer network to ensure that our customers are in the best hands possible.

1. In-person Seminars

In-person Seminars

Several times a year, Valley puts on seminars to teach its dealers on irrigation equipment design, sales, and service. These seminars combine lecture and hands-on applications to make sure we understand both the theory of Valley solutions and how they actually work.

2. Webinars


Sometimes, it’s difficult to get people together. So, Valley offers several webinars to its dealers every year. These webinars give us an opportunity to talk directly with the experts back at Valley, as well as learn what other Valley dealers are doing to combat a common problem.

3. Online Classes

Online Classes - Valley University

Valley offers on-demand, online courses through Valley University. This valuable tool covers various topics to help us prepare to sell new products, or even to just brush up our knowledge on existing solutions. We can easily fit these classes into our busy schedules and learn what we need to, when we need to.

Want continuing education on irrigation? Get started at, an online, on-demand education website on irrigation topics.

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