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Reasons to Visit a Field Day in Romania

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Written by Vladimir Harminic |
Field Day in Romania

Field days are a bit different in every part of the world. This traditional field day at Great Island in Romania in 2015 was well attended and interesting, as it is every year.

It was held at the largest and most productive farm in southeastern Europe where 22 fields are equipped with 350 Valley® center pivots. (In 2009, the President of Romania attend the event.)

Field technology presentations were offered on six crops: corn, wheat, barley, soya, sunflower and canola. In addition to the Valley irrigation equipment, growers saw machinery from John Deere, Claas, Fendt, Challenger and CASE, and visited a new alfalfa processing plant. And, of course, enjoyed an excellent and traditional, end-of-the-day meal. 

For those unfamiliar, Great Island is an island between two branches of Danube River in Romania. Before World War II, the area was a swamp. During the Communist era, it was reclaimed by the construction of a strong levy, 96 miles (154 km) long, around the whole island, as well as the installation of drainage and irrigation infrastructure.

Great Island Map

In other words, when there is excess water on the Island, it is pumped off into the Danube, and when there is lack of water, it is pumped from the river to the island. The drainage system comprises 23 pumping stations for drainage, 861 miles (1,386 km) of drainage canals and  24,710 acres (10,000 ha) tile drainage. The irrigation network consists of six big, reversible primary pumping stations and 30 secondary pumping stations. The 350 Valley towable pivots operate on 1,105 pivot points, irrigating about 61,776 acres (25,000 hectares). The grower also uses 300 hose reel machines, which he plans to replace with center pivots. 

This is the only piece of land in Romania that has not been privatized yet. It has been leased on a long term of 49 years to the Agricost company. Out of the total 172,973 acres (70,000 hectares) on the Island, Agricost farms 140,849 acres (57,000 ha).

Agricost is owned by the Tarata family. Founder Culita Tarata, who was the champion of developing the company, died in 2014, but his son Culita Tarata Jr, together with a team of excellent managers, continues to run the business successfully. The team uses modern technologies, modern equipment and modern inputs to grow classic field crops like corn, soya, wheat, barley, canola, sunflower and alfalfa.

We’re looking forward to more successful field days with this extremely well organized and competent group on Great Island.

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