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Three Reasons We Love Field Days

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Written by Jill Zwiener |
Field Day

Field days have been very important to Valley® Irrigation and our dealer network for many years. Here are three reasons we love them!

  1. Product demonstrations

    We live in a world where we expect people to show us how a product works, right? We like to be hands-on and we want to try it before we buy it. Field days give dealers a chance to come together with farmers to discuss new center pivot technology and provide demonstrations. 

  2. Learn about new tech

    As technology continues to rapidly change, field days offer farmers a chance to ask questions, voice concerns and hear from others about their experiences. Field days are a great environment for learning about some of our advanced technology products like Valley BaseStation3™, AgSense® Field Commander®, VRI and GPS. And let’s be honest, technology changes so fast that a field day is a great way to stay in-the-know! 

  3. Your neighbor may be the host

We’re lucky to have growers willing to open their farms up to us to host a field day. In the spirit of openness, they share their knowledge with others. We couldn’t do it without them! We know you sometimes want to learn about products from other people besides us, that’s why we like field days. You get to hear first-hand from actual growers — your friends and neighbors! No problem! We get it. We’re the same way when we’re shopping for new products. 

Would you like to host a field day on your farm? 

If you’re interested in hosting a field day, reach out to your local Valley dealer to let them know! Our dealers are planning their summer field days right now, so contact them today!

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